Has anyone here ever taken an anatomy class online?

  1. How'd it work out for you? How did you do labs? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   nsgstudent1016
    I took Anatomy and Physiology II online over the summer (what was I thinking?!) and it was really time consuming! Our labs were virtual cadaver labs through this CD called APR (Anatomy and Physiology Revealed) and it had a workbook (by Broyles) that went along with it. The CD went over anatomy and physiology system by system and correlated with what we were reading in the textbook. I learned a lot, but only because I really forced myself to learn the material. We had online chapter tests and had to take each test three times, and they were different questions each time. I took Anatomy and Phy I in a real classroom setting and learned a lot in lecture, so I only had to put in a couple of hours of extra reading and studying per week. Since I took A&P II online, I had to teach myself everything and it took much more of my time. I guess that is to be expected though since I didn't have to meet in class or drive anywhere!

    I think it depends on your learning style. If you like to teach yourself things and can force yourself to set aside certain times on certain days to do the work, then I think you would do great in an online anatomy class. If you tend to learn the most from your professors and hate reading the textbook, then do not take anatomy online. I made an A, so it is possible! Good luck in whatever you decide and if you have anymore questions, just ask
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  4. by   Soon2BNurse3
    I've never heard of it but Anatomy has too much lab to do online....I would recommend going to class and being able to learn and see actual things (skeletons, actual hearts & brains, etc.) - can't do that kind of stuff from home!!
  5. by   krenee
    I'm sure every program is different - I took one that was online & had a "weekend lab" where we went for one weekend (all day Saturday, all day Sunday). Otherwise, there were just exams that we took in the testing center at our school, at our convenience.

    It was hard! It's basically self-taught. We had a textbook, we had a HUGE study guide, and we took exams!

    Best of luck!
  6. by   labcat01
    I took A&P I and II online and I loved it. I had online lectures/assignments. I had Saturday labs once a month and had to take exams at the learning center.

    I think you have to really know yourself before you sign up for online classes. You will have to spend as much time and effort in an online class as you would a regular class. If you are the kind of person that will get out of bed and do your lectures even if you are feeling sick/tired then go for it. I personally had a great time with the class. I'd go to a coffee shop or bookstore 3 days a week and work on my stuff while my son went to mother's day out. I learned a lot and had a good time doing it.

    Good luck!
  7. by   Violet08
    I took A&P I online. I got an A, but I did not like the course and really don't feel like I learned as much as people who took it in person.

    But I don't generally like online classes.

    The labs were self instructed. We had to buy a lab kit from at home science (I think it was fairly expensive too), along with an extra technology fee for the online course, books and the tuition. It ended up being more expensive than the in person version.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions about it and I'll do my best to answer.
  8. by   sunray12
    Quote from Soon2BNurse3
    I've never heard of it but Anatomy has too much lab to do online....I would recommend going to class and being able to learn and see actual things (skeletons, actual hearts & brains, etc.) - can't do that kind of stuff from home!!
    I did my A&P's online. We had a dvd of slides from actual cadavers and interactive physiological simulations plus a workbook. We also had online lab software and a second workbook. And for the lecture portion we had the text book. So imo it was very comprehensive. My profs were reachable through email or class discussion board if questions came up. The course was set up where you got out of it what you put in. I learned a lot and I have no complaints. As compared to a different science class (chemistry) where I had on campus lab I felt that logistics and being in the lab ruckus got in the way of learning and I as far as my understanding went I got more out of using the simulation software (which we also had for chemistry). It does depend on individual preference and learning style. If you like the routine of going to class and listening to lecture then online might not be for you but if you like to learn independently, or to spend extra time looking at things that you won't have time to see when you have a professor rushing you through to the next topic then you'll enjoy the online format.
  9. by   Spalding75
    Hello. Where did you take your online classes?
  10. by   CeilingCat
    How would you do the labs? We had actual skeletons to study and several dissections.

    There's no way I could've learned all I did from just a book and a website. And even after the two semesters (earning A's in both), I started nursing school finding holes in my anatomy knowledge. In preparing for the nursing program, you cannot know too much anatomy/physiology.