Happy Nurses Week 2007--- Reasons to Consider a Nursing Career

  1. check out these you tube videos ---will help make up your mind.

    nurses documentary

    clemson university school of nursing

    ann darlington edwards: a caring affair

    wsu - what is nursing?

    walk a day in my shoes: regi werner, rn

    parody: i shoulda been a male nurse

    after 2-4 years this could be you:

    wsu nursing pinning ceremony - student speaker

    from africa--relief and enthusiasm contangious!

    nursing school graduation parade
    nursing school parade part 2


    rn: graduation (nursing)

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  3. by   RDH-NrsgStudent
    Thank you SO much for sharing those, Karen! I've been looking all over YouTube for some good nursing videos and couldn't find any, so these are great!

  4. by   rnmomtobe2010
    These have been helpful. Thanks!!!
  5. by   Peachy720
    Thanks SO much, Karen!! :blushkiss

    This site (and the videos you posted), motivate me to finally stop procrastinating and get in nursing school.

    Here's a video one of these linked to, and it cracked me up..Bringing Patients Back (a Justin Timberlake parody). Enjoy!