Hang Blood?

  1. I am not a nurse. I have heard that lpn's can now "hang blood". Something that RN's only could use to do or something.
    What exactly does it mean to hang blood?
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  3. by   maolin
    I don't know about LVN's hanging blood - I suppose that would be dependent on the state board. As far as "hanging blood" it means administering a blood transfusion or transfusing other blood products (Fresh frozen plasma, platelets).
  4. by   charebec65
    An LPN's scope of practice varies from state to state. You would have to check with your state BON and ask about this.
  5. by   RNgirlie
    question--what tasks are lpns prohibited from performing?
    answer---it is not possible to provide a comprehensive and exhaustive list of tasks that lpns are prohibited from performing. in general, however, lpns may not conduct a nursing diagnosis and may not conduct the assessment phase of the nursing process. in particular, lpns may not:
    --perform triage services,
    --administer iv-push medications,
    --perform blood transfusions until satisfactory completion of a transfusion training program meeting criteria specified by the doh and the sed and only when a registered nurse or a physician or other person authorized by law to manage transfusion reactions is immediately available on-site.

    the above information was taken directly from the ny nurse practice act. (http://www.op.nysed.gov/nursepracticefaq.htm) i do not know what state you are in but it varies from state to state. and maybe some hospitals have their own policy, for example although my state nurse practice act says this, i do not believe the hospital that i work in allows this.
  6. by   tookewlandy
    In the last post it says that LPN's cannot conduct a Nursing diagnosis, But dont they teach LPN's how to conduct Nurisng diagnosis. Is the nursing process the same for an LPN and an RN.I never really thought about it but reading the above post it made me think.
  7. by   TinyNurse
    I'm pretty sure it depends on the state that you practice in.