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Hello fellow nurses. I'm a 21 year old male practical nursing student. I have worked in nursing for a little over a year now as a CNA and CMA. One think I have noticed is the very small percentage... Read More

  1. by   911fltrn
    When people seem to have a problem with me being a registered nurse, i just tell them I was a United States Marine before entering nursing. Shuts them right Up :-)
  2. by   jnette
    THAT'll do it !!!
  3. by   arbley
    I have been a male since conception, a nurse a much shorter time. In my years of nursing I have had maybe two or three patients tell me that they would prefer that a female care for them. No problem. I have yet to be questioned as to my sexuality. I know that some folks have wondered about it because I do have some gay friends. So what? I have enough self-confidence that I don't much care about alot of that stuff.

    If you want to be a nurse, be one. It is a noble calling. Please don't concern yourself with the opinions of the ignorant.
  4. by   mboyce
    I entered nursing school in 1975 and have traveled and long and interesting path. Nursing is no longer something that I do, its something that I am and I am not troubled by other people needing to challenge what they don't understand . . . in fact it becomes an opportunity to broaden their lives with counter-perspectives (and engage in some very animated discussions).

    I have worked or experienced many, nurse roles and settings and found none of them to be uncomfortable or unfulfulling, neonatal ICU scared me . . . I didn't stay there long. Now that I'm in LTC (for almost 15 years) its funny how similar the institutionalized and demented elderly are like children, and (in the late stages) like neonates.

    This is the most real thing I have ever done . . . I have given up most of the rest of my life for nursing - I intend to nurse until the day I die.

    There is a place in nursing for men like that place in all dynamic relationships (Yin Yang) for all perspectives and persuasions - the differences make life rich and strengthen nursing, which, in turn is good for not only patients but everyone else.

    Show me another profession (or, more accurately calling/vocation) where the focus is to reduce the unnecessary suffering in people's lives and you will find nurses already there.
  5. by   Msquatch
    Yep, even being a NEW nurse I've seen all that has been mentioned. I work on a PEDS floor and have been called Doctor, but I'm quick to say that I'm a nurse. I've even had little boys tell me, after I said I'm their nurse, "That's a girls job". I just smile and carry on. Though I must say I'm a little bit defeated that parents instill the gender sitgma toward jobs, where else do kids get it from? I must say they are a bit more relaxed when I also tell them I'm an ex-MEDIC. To the guys in school.. Keep on studying!! Work hard!! It will pay off!! Yes you are the few and will probably be fewer as the quarter/semesters go on. Heck even the first day of class, an instructor called out Michelle taking attendance, when the paper distinctly said Michael!! How's that for some first day school bias! I just smiled and politely corrected her. Though deep inside I wanted to say read the darn paper!! That instructor and I never did "connect", but I made it through the class and carried on. let the BS roll off your back and stick to what is important! --Mike
  6. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Originally posted by efiebke
    What's my input? I'm a guy and I'm a nurse!

    Pretty cool, huh!


    Sometimes, though, the thought of wearing a white mid-lengthed dress nursing uniform with white stockings is awfully appealing!
  7. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Originally posted by AJACKT33Z
    Marcus- have close to 20 yrs LTC exp. & let me tell you I've heard it all, gen'lly the female nurses are glad to work w/ us--it's always a riot to hear how ignorant people are--I usually have a flip remark(depending on the nature of question,attitude of the person asking,etc ect.)Over the years I've staightened out many- the list of snappy coments are so many ,I've forgotten most.Just remember we are doing something that most people can't/won't do--the gals are great & they'll cath the alert older (modest) ladies--if you'll take care of the obnoxious dirty old man in such-n-such room w/ the hands that fondle the fems. Do I get flak from this type of pt.? I always hope so--they see the glare in my eyes that males reserve for each other-when one is a gentleman vs a lecherous louse---I think you know the look---and say in firm tones--these ladies are my sisters--guys humiliate my sister-ONCE!!! you will be working w/ a (said earlier) bunch of great nurses!!! We are all comrades doing a job most can't
    LOVED your post!!! I'd work with you any day!! Would you please move to my town?? haha

    I have a male NA as my team member. He is great. He has had an occasional patient ask for a female, and he has no prob asking another NA to go. Kyle is a great fellow and I am proud he is in this profession!

    So all you male nurses, nurses-to-be, aides, etc - ROCK ON!!!

  8. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by rebelwaclause
    My next T-Shirt logan: "Male Nurses Wanted...Apply within"

    pssst... er, send me one of those, will ya? Thanks!
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  10. by   JonRN
    Wildman, are you for real? I think you are just some dumbass kid on this board to play games with the rest of us. Two words: Move ON.

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    He's an imposter. Already reported to a moderator.
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    Originally posted by JonRN
    Wildman, are you for real? I think you are just some dumbass kid on this board to play games with the rest of us. Two words: Move ON.Pappy
    I agree with Pappy. Get a clue wildman, whoever you are.
    We are all just " nurses"
    Chill with the sexism, and quit showing your online ignorance.
    Oh, did I say that. Yes, I did.

    Now as to the topic of men in nursing, I echo my original sentiment .........
    If I am the patient, just give me a nurse that is very competent, respectful and cares..........all I ask.


    male female=human

    I am human.
  13. by   Momto3RN
    I work with several male nurses/CNAs and I LOVE 'EM ALL! I think guys bring good perspectives into nursing and my patients often tell me how wonderful (male) "so-and-so" was.

    I hope more men enter nursing. It's a great profession!