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Hello fellow nurses. I'm a 21 year old male practical nursing student. I have worked in nursing for a little over a year now as a CNA and CMA. One think I have noticed is the very small percentage... Read More

  1. by   mark_LD_RN
    well as you can tell from my nick i am a male and a labor and delivery nurse.I have worked all areasof nursing and have had no problemat all from my patients most really love me and think i am a fantastic nurse. have only had one female patient refuse my care since i havebeen a nurse but have had 2 males refuse my care thinking i was gay which i am not. nursing is viewed by many as a female career but that preception is changing as more males get into it.Ithink the stereotyping of male nurses willimprove with be a nurse if you really want to.if you do it for that reason chances are you will be a great nurse
    ohthe only females i ever had problems with were older female nurses,but that to seems to happen less nothan it used to.
  2. by   pianonurse
    Out of about 45 students, there were about 7 males in my class. Male nurses rock, as do female nurses. In my humble opinion, nurses rock - period!
  3. by   Rena RN 2003
    statistically the number is obviously lower. look at any hospital or nursing school and you can see the difference.

    but i must say that i like the fact that the number of males entering the profession is on the rise from say 10 years ago.

    when i started school (a year ago) there was 1 guy in our class. 1 other later transferred in.

    in this years starting class there are 7.

    nothin but good going on there.
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  5. by   Polrbaer
    Reading this thread gave me reassurance, when I told my parents I was leaving business school to nursing school, first thing out of my moms mouth so why not medical school..Nursing??? She got used to it. And it is great to have a support unit when going through school. I graduate in May and will focus on Emergency Nursing. Male or Female; Nurses must stop eating their young!
  6. by   AAHZ
    The only problem that I have really had came from a female. she was yelling at me that i was taking a job away from a woman. i told her that my girlfriend(at the time), had gotten my job framing houses so we were even. no matter how hard you try, ignorant people will continue to be ignorant. Do what you need to do to make yourself happy, don't worry what the idiots say or think and just push on. If someone asks if your the doctor, just say "no, I am a NURSE, I work for a living."
  7. by   jdomep
    I am a first year student (and a mom of 4 boys) There is one man in our class of 18 students. He is 40 something and a father of 5 children (obviosly not a gay man ) I do think he will have to work harder to thrive in this female dominated field but with his personality and ambition he'll be a better nurse than some of the "girls" in our class. You'll do great! Good Luck!
  8. by   JonRN
    I became a male nurse way back in the 60's. I was a veteran and an ex-army medic. I heard my share of gay innuendos for yrs, even though I happen to be straight. One Dr. was always riding me about being gay. He had a beautiful wife. One day I told him "give me 30 minutes with your wife, then ask her". He got really p.o.'ed but never brought it up again.

    If females refusing your care bothers you, go to work at the VA like I did, 99% of the patients are male and they accept you because they are used to medics in the military. Good luck in your career, if I can do anything to help you in any way pm me.

  9. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Chiming in here.
    When I started talking about becoming a nurse about 15 years ago,I looked into it briefly and went back to my construction job. I think anybody that's got a circle of freinds is going to ask what they think before making any career change.

    It's just a fact that it is still socialy akward for a man to become a nurse,but it was much more so 15 years ago. I decided that I didn't want to feel that way and went to resp school instead............what a mistake. Here I am going to nursing school just as my heart had tried to lead me 15 years ago. The real difference was divorcing my ex and finding a woman that loves me. There has been no question since I decided to go back to the medical field, she's supported me 100% and said I would make a great nurse. The evil shrew I used to be married to always told me it was kind of ridiculous,and would I be wearing one of those hats?
    It takes alot of money,and dedication to get a nursing degree,but it also requires some kind of emotional support.

    That's what's missing in society for males. There are males and females alike that have seen that need,and have responded with their feelings outwardly,but society is not yet ready to give up the stigma of something being wrong with a man wanting to be a nurse.

    I just got tired of waiting for all this great new age of tolerance,and understanding of role changes to trickle down to nursing. Men can be nannies,and househusbands staying home with the kids,cooking,sewing,and women can be CEOs,truckdrivers,construction workers,soldiers...........................and as a society we will tolerate male nurses,and bite our lip,kicking and screaming as it all changes.

    It's a matter of our biology to seek firm gender roles,but we are destined to evolve.

    And I'm getting started right now.
  10. by   researchrabbit
    Originally posted by JonRN
    One Dr. was always riding me about being gay. He had a beautiful wife. One day I told him "give me 30 minutes with your wife, then ask her". He got really p.o.'ed but never brought it up again.
  11. by   Mattigan
    Where in the world is Burns Flat?

    I've been in nursing for 26 years and have worked with so many male nurses I can't remember them all. Only one was gay ( that I know of ) I only know he is because we got to be good friends. He long ago gave up nursing and works in tribal government.-being gay had nothing to do with it.He was a great nurse.

    I don't inventory co-workers sexual preferences and it has never been an issue with the patients we get. Every now and then a little old lady doesn't want a male to give her a bed bath because they are so modest but that's it.

    I am also in Oklahoma.
  12. by   nakitamoon
    Only comment I want to make here,,,,, as I have no statistics,,, Is the men I have worked with rock! Be as a nurse or CNA~

    Yes with my geratric population,,, have had a few,, in begining not wanting males to take care of them,,,,, Once they got to know them,,, There was no problem,,,, I feel do to the care which they provided,,, and the way it was given

    As far as sexual preference,,,, None of my business,,,, I only care about their performance at work,,,,

    I have only had one problem with a male CNA,,,, he came to work,,, stethoscope around his neck,,, allowed my residents to think he was doctor,,, or Charge nurse,,,, after several,,,, write ups,,, Had to let him go,,,, Couldn't deal with fact he had no problem with telling ppl he was a doctor,,,, (one of those ppl who want the recognition and not willing to do the work,,,,) During the time he was working for me,, he was accepted into nursing school,,, lasted six weeks,,,, of course he had excuse (sickness),,,, truth is he couldn't handle it!!!!!

    This wasn't a gender issue,,, just a staff issue,,,,,

    My 2 cents,,, ~kitamoon
  13. by   researchrabbit
    Originally posted by Mattigan
    Where in the world is Burns Flat?
    Isn't it out in the panhandle?