Graduation rate of West Coast University

  1. What is the graduation rate for westcost? Do a lot of students flunk out of the program? It seems like they admit anybody knowing the fact it is a for profit school.
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  3. by   HalfBoiled
    For those who are wondering. West Coast University is a for-profit private nursing school in Southern California (Orange County).
    They're good and strict.
    They admit anybody who passes their entrance exam. I believe it's HESI.
    It is up to the student to give it 110% to maintain their grades over 80% (about).

    There are a lot of students who fail, but they don't flat out drop from their program.
    Commonly, they are held back a few weeks to retake whichever rotation they didn't pass.

    The school itself is expensive, but you'll be a competent nurse at the end.
    Why would anyone take such an expensive program/school?
    Because nursing majors are very much impacted in every state and community college across California.
    There's no waiting list or major restrictions from applying. Just keep making your GPA and HESI scores high as possible and you'll get in.
  4. by   Sour Lemon
    According to the federal disclosure in their site, 83%.