Graduating in May and need some help

  1. I'm graduating in May and this week I am starting to apply for graduate nurse positions . Last week in class we had a session on job interviewing and job search process and something interesting the instructor said struck out at me and I was wanting some input. She said that when we turn in our application, cover letter and resume and a week has gone by without being called we should call them after a week to check the status of our applications. Is this true? Should graduate nurse applicants do that or is that pushing it?

    Also as far as references for nursing positions what kind of references beside nursing instructors and faculty should be used? I know an obvious is NOT to use friends or family but what other references if any should be used?

    Thank you,
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  3. by   llg
    I think a call after a week is very appropriate. After that, I would follow-up at least every month if things are not moving forward. Sometimes applications get lost, put in the wrong pile, etc. -- just by accident -- and you need to make sure that your application was received and is being processed appropriately. A polite call is not considered "too pushy" or anything.

    As far as references ... yes, faculty are good choices. So are any previous employers you may have had -- even if the job was not nursing related. People hiring want to know if you are reliable, dependable, a hard-worker, etc. and any previous employer can address those issues.

    Good luck,
  4. by   sjoe
    Good advice from llg.
  5. by   KC CHICK
    Make the call. Sometimes, problems with HR can hold things up.
    Get them refocused on YOU!!

    Good Luck.
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  6. by   NurzofFaith
    I graduated last May and like you had the letters from my instructors etc. I also included a letter from a RN that I worked with while in college..its just a thought

    Congrats on being so close too! It was just a year for me so the emotion is still there!

    Have you decided on any areas you are interested in?

    I chose to take an internship in a cardiovascular ICU and I love it!! It included 3 months of class and OJT with a wonderful preceptor. I cannot say enough good about what I have learned and the support I received!!

    Hey I noticed you are in the Kansas City area...I am moving close to the area the beginning of that means job hunting for me also. I am not sure if I want to commute to Kansas City or just take a job closer to my husbands work. Any helpful hints on hospitals or the area itself??

    Congrats again!!