Grading Scale For Your Nursing Program........


    Hello, again.

    Please I am asking everyone that comes by, to please please please respond to this message and not just read it and then go on by. Please do respond to it. Thank you so much.

    What is your grading scale for the nursing program that you are attending right now, or will be attending in the future, or already attended [if it has been 1 yr or 30 yrs or more, does not matter]. I want to know and need to know. Thank you.

    The reason why I am wanting this information is because the nursing program that I am attending right now, the grading scale is as follow: 93 to 100 = A
    86 to 92 = B
    80 to 85 = C
    74 to 79 = D
    73 or below = F

    Yes, I want to compare our grading scale and yes I am getting up a petition to take to the President of my college to have the grading scale changed for the nursing program.

    I have talked to several nursing students who goes to several other colleges and their grading scale is on a 10 point grading scale...meaning, 90 to 100 = A; 70 - 79 = C -- Passing.

    So please, don't just read this message and not respond to it. I would love to hear from you thank you.

    And also, the nursing program that I am going through is an ADN program, 2 years.

    We have 4 levels that we have to proceed through.

    And believe me, none of them [the Levels], prepares you for the following level(s). But each instructors in the following level(s) expects you to come in there knowing it all.

    Also, thank you for stopping by and reading the other message I have posted ["Will I ever become a Nurse..."]. Your encouaging words and support means so much to me during this time of my life. Thank you.

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  3. by   KRVRN
    Mine was:

    90-100 = A
    80-89 = B
    72-79 = C
    71 and below = fail the course--I don't know whether a D or F shows up on the transcript, just that you have to repeat the class.

    A few of my classes required a 75 or better to pass, but that would all be spelled out up front. The A and B ranges were always the same. Sometimes the professor would bump you up to the next letter grade if you were 1 percent and were active in class discussions. Again, that was all spelled out at the beginning. Clinicals were strictly pass/fail and other than missing days and not making them up, it took a lot to fail because if your performance was sub-standard, then your instructor should've been talking to you about it. Thus, no surprise clinical failures. If you failed the clinical you had to repeat the clinical AND lecture portion, regardless of whether you got an A or a D.

    The university would further break grades down to B+, B, B-, etc. for transcripts and GPA purposes.
  4. by   ERNurse752
    I don't remember the whole grading scale from my school...only that to pass, we had to get at least a 78. The School of Nursing had a separate grading scale from the rest of the University as well, which then screwed us on the 4.0 GPA scale...
  5. by   Katnip
    90-100 A
    80-89 B
    69.5-79 C

    Anythng below 69.5 is failing. How they came up with the .5 is beyond me.
  6. by   Agnus
    94-100 A
    90-93 A-
    87-89 B+
    84-86 B
    80-83 B-
    77-79 C+
    75-76 C
    Below this seems irrlevant BECAUSE to be considered passing in the nursing program you had to maintain a 75 (that's a C) average.
    The policy was You had to average a 75 on all your exams. If you did then they would calculate in all you quizes, homework, projects, care plans, etc., which would then raise you grade.
    If you did not have a 75 average on your exams then it did not matter what you got on these other things your final grade would then be what ever your average on your exams was.
    I ended up with a 73 average on my exams in one class. The final letter grade I got was D+. Even though it technically was a C-. I never questioned it because I knew that I would go back and repeat the course. I guess they gave me a D+ because for any other area in the college that would have been an acceptable grade. Only a D or F would have to be repeated. If they had calculated in my careplans, quizes projects and papers I would have had a much better grade. However, the policy was spelled out clearly in writing and was understood by everyone.
    Clinicals were pass/fail. The fact is the instructors has a lot of leaway in grading and do most places. It is near impossible to do strictly objective grading in this type of training.
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  7. by   nurseleigh
    I don't remember the exacts as i was only interested in what grade would get me an A. But this is about how it would break down.

    93-100 A
    85-92 B
    78-84 C

    I am pretty sure that is correct.

    On another note, my english 101 had the exact same grading scale.

    I did ask why the nursing program was graded on a higher level and was told that when they were on a 10 point grading scale, most of the students that passed with under a 78% did not pass the NCLEX. They felt that upping the passing grades for the class would improve the amount of students passing state boards. Made since to me.

  8. by   TruthSeeker
    Clinicals are pass/fail.

    At the end, after the final exam, everything is added together.

    For tests they used the grading scale I gave you, but when they total everything up, they use a point system.

    This is how they figured it up:

    "The final course grade is derived as follows:"
    7 Unit Exams [50 questions] = 100 points/test = 700 points

    2 Pharm Tests [25 questions] = 25 pts/test = 50 points

    [On the pharm test, there are no reviews and no specifics. Which that is how it is for all the test].

    1 Final Exam [100 questions] = 150 pt/test = 150 pts

    Think Aloud [presenters, pretests, and participants] = 20 pts

    Unannounced Quizzes = 30 pts

    Written Work [50 pts total] 5% of Course Grade
    Professional Paper = 200 pts = 20 pts
    ERI - RN CAT = 100 pts = 10 pts
    Cultural Assignment = 100 pts = 10 pts
    First Dosage Cal test grade = 100 pts = 10 pts

    Written work is only worth 50 pts total

    On the written work, you do not get all of your 50 points. They let you know right up front, you will not get it.

    Total possible points for the course is 1000 pts. Need 800 points after the final to receive a "C" in the course.

    This is for Level 4. The only thing that is the same for the other three levels and this one are the tests. You only have 700 points because of 7 tests worth 100 points that you can earn.

    And all the tests are application.

    Thanks for the response.

  9. by   panda_181
    90-100 9
    82-89 8
    74-81 7
    66-73 6
    58-65 5
    50-57 4
    42-49 3
    34-41 2
    >34 1

    That's what is at University of Alberta!

  10. by   ReluctantMonk
    100- 93 = A
    92- 84 =B
    75- 83 =C
    No 'D's....below 75 and you failed.
  11. by   NurseDennie
    I don't remember the grading scale at Purdue way back in the antedeluvian days when I was there. I think the grading scale kind of reflects the kind of school you go to.

    I took some pre-req's and co-req's at a state school and the A was 90 and above. At the college I actually got my nursing degree from, A was 93 and above.

    I don't remember the rest of it. But I remember some people repeating like a kind of mantra "87 (or whatever the magic number was) equals RN


  12. by   sml212
    My nursing program's grading scale is as follows:
    Anything less than 75 is not passing.
  13. by   mtgirl63
    Sorry, I don't remember mine for sure, but I think it was about like yours --- under 75 and you failed.
  14. by   Zee_RN
    Mine was like yours, Truthseeker. Anything less than a 78, you failed. Dont know if you'll have much luck getting it changed--even my kids' school (middle school, 6th grade) doesn't use the old standard 90-100 for an A scale. They are 92-100 for an A, which is outrageous, I think, for 12 year olds! I think it is ok for college students though.