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  1. by   jhawkgirl
    For the BSN program that I am in:
    92-100 is an A
    84-91 is a B
    75-83 is a C

    You have to have a 75 in the class to pass. You also must have a 75 in both the lecture portion and the clinical portion of the class. If you have less than a 75 in either portion you fail the class.

    We also take the ATI test for each core course and you must pass it in the 50th percentile. You can take it until you pass.
  2. by   veegeern
    [quote=Agnus]94-100 A
    90-93 A-
    87-89 B+
    84-86 B
    80-83 B-
    77-79 C+
    75-76 C
    Below this seems irrlevant BECAUSE to be considered passing in the nursing program you had to maintain a 75 (that's a C) average.
    The policy was You had to average a 75 on all your exams. If you did then they would calculate in all you quizes, homework, projects, care plans, etc., which would then raise you grade.
    If you did not have a 75 average on your exams then it did not matter what you got on these other things your final grade would then be what ever your average on your exams was.

    Yep, this was pretty much it for me. I graduated 2 years ago this month.
  3. by   Serenyd
    92-100 A
    86-91 B
    75-85 C
    <75 F

    ps 875 on Hesi to pass and they're thinking of raising the bar to 900
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  4. by   CyndieRN2007
    Mine is
    90-100 A
    80-89 B
    77-79 C
    > 77 failing
  5. by   RollingThunder
    Graduated in December 2005:
    University grading scale and College of Nursing were VERY different:
    Below 77=Repeat the course
    Two Below 77's during the course of the program=Try a new major

    Clinicals were pass fail and did NOT count toward your final grade (unless of course you failed clinical, thus failing the course) and were a TON of paperwork (care plans, etc.)
    Tests counted for 100% of your grade in all Med-Surg (3), Pharm (2), Patho (2), Assessment, Community, and Psych. Classes like Professional Development (4), Nursing Research, and Healthcare Policy and Economics et. ux. were combinations of exams, pop quizs, journals, article reviews, presentations, debates, etc.

    It was tough but everyone that graduated with me and has taken NCLEX (@ 75% of the class) passed boards on the first try. All but three passed in 75 questions. My original class started with 56, we lost 17 in our first semester, 14 in our second semester, and 7 in our third (and hardest) semester. No one was lost in our final semester. These were not below average students that we lost either, you had to have a 3.25 on pre-req's and 21 on the ACT to be accepted to the program.
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  6. by   lna2rn
    Will graduate in 2007 and I am attending an ADN program. Our grading is as follows:
    93-100= A
    90-92= A-
    87-89= B+
    84-86= B
    80-83= B-
    Anyhting below this line you have failed and are out of the program
  7. by   ER_RN07
    In my diploma nursing program...anything below a 77 is an F!
  8. by   greenmiler
    In mine anything below an 80 is failure. I'm in my 1st semester of an ADN degree, the guy sitting near me had a final average of 79.4 last semester; he failed. I'm scared
  9. by   jimthorp
    Quote from Couch30
    I don't disagree so much with the school's grading scale, but that they weight the grades.
    I have a lot of college besides my nursing education and every class I have ever taken weighted the various components of the course. Your grade is based on total points earned out of total possible points. The exams during the course account for a greater percentage of total possible points and thus they account for a higher portion of your final grade.

    In my program anything below a 78 was failing.

    B= 86-92
    <78 fail
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  10. by   pepper_rn
    In my program anything below 80 was failing. No kidding. . It was a very difficult program. The instructors refused to round points either. If you had 79.99999, even at the end of the last section, you were done. It was brutal, lot's of complaints, but to no avail. Also if you didn't pass the HESI test, you failed the program. I have to say though, I knew my stuff inside and out. By the time I got to NCLEX, it was a piece of cake.

    Good luck to you,
  11. by   land64shark
    My ADN program is:
    A = 92-100
    B = 85-91
    c = 80-84
    Kind of a wierd distribution, but that's the way it is.
    Anything under 80 is failing. There's a lot of people in trouble already in my first semester class.
  12. by   nursenaz
    At my school our grading scale was:

    Anything above an 80 is passing. 79.9=Fail... and they fail people allthe time for that. 79.9 and 79.8
    We also had 2-3 med math tests a semester that we had to pass with a 90% or higher. If you failed it once you could retake it in 2 weeks. If you failed it that time you were out.
  13. by   Otessa
    90-100 A
    80-89 B
    70-79 C
    anything below 79 would put you on watch and you probably wouldn't proceed through the program

    I graduated 1992