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  1. Hi everyone. I've just completed my training and have my brand new New York license and would like to practice on a Med-Surge unit in a hospital where there is great team-work and a chance to learn. Does anyone have any reccomendations?
    I've already applied to NY Presbyterian, Mt. Sinai, NY Wiel-Cornell, etc plus Long Island Jewish in L.I. as well as North Shore University hospital. I understand Englewood Hosptial is a nice place to work... if anyone knows of any contact names or numbers of people at these places, or can reccommend any hosptial within 1 hour from New York, I'd be truly grateful. I'm ready to work hard and do what I have to to get up to speed. Thanks for the help--

    a "newbie" Ebeza
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  3. by   dreamon
    Hi Ebeza, I wish I could recommend some hospitals personally, but I no longer live in NYC unfortunately.
    But I have a list of the ANCC Magnet status health organizations.

    (Just in case anyone who is reading doesn't know what 'magnet status' is some information taken from: Your Career In Nursing by Annette Vallano, M.S., R.N., C.S.)

    "Healthcare organizations granted Magnet Status have characteristics and outcomes that are positive for patients,nurses, and employers. In these organizations, patient satisfaction is high with shorter lengths of stay: nursing satisafction is high with nurses reporting more control over their nursing practice: employers report lower burnout rates and an enhanced ability to attract and retain nurses."

    Capital Health System....Trenton, NJ

    Englewood Hospital & Medical Center....Englewood,NJ

    Hackensack University Medical Center......Hackensack,NJ

    Jersey Shore Medical Center....Neptune,NJ

    St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center....Paterson, NJ

    St. Francis Medical Center.....Trenton,NJ

    At the time of the book, no hospitals in NYC were on the list. Maybe one or two would have the status by now...with all those hospitals in the city, I am sure there are a couple at least close to the magnet criteria.

    I am also interested in hearing from nurses who actually work in the city to see what they have to say. Hopefully I can move back to NYC after school.

    Sorry I dont have anymore info Ebeza, but congratulations on your accomplishments!! I hope to be there one day! And if you want any contact info, just pm or email me..Take Care!
  4. by   Ebeza
    Hey Dreamon: Thanks for the feedback. I'll be interviewing at Englewood and Long island Jewish this week! Sounds like only night shift is avail. but I'm eager to begin work. What are you doing in Tennesee? I almost moved there once. I've lived and worked in Alaska, Arizona, Californai and Oregon. I may be living in one of those places again-- after one year of NYC experience. Once I start work I'll be back with more questions--
    take care--
  5. by   Tinker
    I started working at Columbia Presbyterian a month ago. The nurse recruiter is Paula Trinidad. I like it ok. My friend is working at Cornell, and it appears to be almost exactly the same except there is no union at Cornell. I did a few rotations at Mt. Sinai in nursing school and I don't reccomend it.
  6. by   GalaMar
    Hello fellow New Yorkers . I too have a brand new license & am planning to work in NYC. I did not attend nursing school in NY, so I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences and opinions of the various city hospitals (either during rotations or employment), &/or whether living in NYC is possible on an RN's salary. Thanks for any input!
  7. by   debRNo1
    Originally posted by GalaMar
    Hello fellow New Yorkers
    Im working at a (smaller) North Shore Facility, they have about 13 hospitals-most probably an hour or so from NYC. Been there since Jan. and Im happy there-so far so good. Decent pay+benefits, NYSNA union, not too bad pt ratios, tuition reimbursment.

    Try the website to apply-thats how I got all my "contact" info while I was looking.

    Good luck

  8. by   Ebeza
    Dear Tinker:
    I went on my first interview and took the job. It's at Long Island Jewish. What won me over was the amount of support new grad-nurses get. I'll be precepted for two months , then when I work nights there will be "educators" avail 24/7 to call in if I'm not familiar with a procedure (ie chest tube) and a night manager there to help us. All of the nurses had a warm smile for me as I was shown around and the administrator was straight up nice. So we'll see. Also, the nurses are working with the architects to design a new wing and it's the only New York Hosp. with Magnet status.
    I think
    Englewood Hospital right over the bridge is excellent, and a seasoned nurse I spoke to yesterday said New York Presbyterian is her choice... . These places are all hiring by the way and may even help you get an apartment if you are relocating so get that cover letter and resume in. Good luck--
  9. by   Ebeza
    Galamar, the massage to Tinker about recent hire and hos. in new York was directed to you! Sorry--!
  10. by   GalaMar
    Thanks debRNo1 & Ebeza! I appreciate your input. I'm feeling overwhelmed by the whole idea of trying to find the right match for me. I just hope I find one, as I will be sending out my resume this week. Ebeza, congrats on taking the job... have you heard of there being less support for new grads at NYC hospitals? (I guess I'll find out as I go on interviews, right?)
  11. by   -jt
    Theres only 3 Magnet winning hospitals in the NYC area - Long Island Jewish was the first - and experienced nurses flock to it. Im surprised they even have open positions for new grads because there are so many experienced nurses who want to work there. That hospital is in Queens.

    The second Magnet winner in NYC is The Hospital for Special Surgery on East 70th Street in Manhattan. The third is North Shore University Hospital on Manhasset, Long Island.

    In Brooklyn, Maimonides Medical Center and Methodist Medical Center are on their way to Magnet status & have gained a reputation among experienced nurses in this area as being a place that recognizes and values RNs. Experienced nurses from other Brooklyn facilities are looking for jobs there too but I know they also hire new grads. At hospitals that are attracting exoperienced nurses, you may have to be flexible in the shift and areas that you are willing to work.

    In Manhattan, NYSNA nurses at NY Columbia Presbyterian recently negotiated an excellent contract that they designed to attract, recruit, and retain. I wouldnt be surprised if that facility becomes our next Magnet winner, but its location makes it a trek uptown. One of our per diem nurses works at Lenox Hill Hospital and likes it for the "clientele" it serves.

    Salaries are all pretty much the same around the city's 5 boroughs. The differences are in workplace conditions and benefits/pensions. Conditions are the best at the Magnet facilities because that is what this award is based on. Benefits and pensions are the best at hospitals where the nurses are represented by the NY State Nurses Assoc. Those nurses do not pay for health benefits. This link will give you a list of NYSNA facilities to check out:
  12. by   -jt
    <I'm feeling overwhelmed by the whole idea of trying to find the right match for me.>

    Interview a lot of them and take the job that offers you the best working conditions, best benefits, and best pension. You always get a probationary period to try it out. If you dont like the job you chose, you can always just leave it during that period, without any obligations to it. And you dont even have to put it on your resume.

    Just to give you an idea of what the going rates are in & around NYC & to give you some comparisons about areas:

    In NYC:


    Staten Island




    In the Suburbs:



    Long Island
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  13. by   CashewLPN
    I used to work for SIUH.... its within the LIJ system... all in all, a decent place... (I never liked hosp nursing that much, though....)
    they have a decent cardio center... brand new... they're refabbing the whole building...
  14. by   -jt
    In my old age, Ill take a nice little job in ASU or Interventional Radiology there.