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Well, the start of a new year and I'm kissing nursing good bye after only 5 short months. I graduated in may and started at a hospital in august. My very first preceptor was a nightmare, on my... Read More

  1. by   chaoticnme
    Motorcyclemamma, these are just suggestions....For me....I really meant maybe pick up some prn home health work....Actually i did home health full time, I didnt like it at all, prn wasnt as stressful at all... Before anyone take a job they should research it....and when they interview for it, stop and watch or look at the place, ask people if they like it there etc.....You can do just about anything prn if its a safe place to all depends on the place....she could do prn. Yes jobs sometimes are available for a reason, I agree. Thats why i would talk with whoever I am interviewing with and ask what they really are expecting from me in the job position I am applying for.
  2. by   Kashia
    There are many areas to use your experience in and no you are not going to ruin your reputation because of either of those hospitals. They are not organized enough to work like that, I mean hospitals and medical system is rather dysfunctional! hehe. And sorry to say there are to many nurses that have their own agenda/dyfunction. But there are good people to work around, just have to find them...and who knows maybe later you will want to work part time in OB....wonderful you are having a baby. Best of luck to you
    Wonderful you are having a baby
  3. by   honeyz
    Well,,,, if your hubby can support you without resentment.....hey go for it. I would pick another career anyway. . Good luck
  4. by   Miss Ivy
    I agree with those posters who suggest prn work. That way you can work when and where you want to work.
  5. by   smarter
    [font=lucida sans unicode] some preceptors are not real charmers. we should all take a look at ourselves. you know there are different levels of learning. don't be so hard on the new employee. you want them to stay don't you? i think if we would all relax a little the work place would be much better. and you managers, get out there and help. the units are busy enough. try and work together!!!!
  6. by   sewnina
    There are other areas of nursing to work than the hospitals. I have been a nurse for 17 years and was really burned out (am the primary bread winner so couldn't just leave). Now I am teaching at a BSN program and almost through with my Masters and planning to continue on to my Phd. After the baby's born maybe you'll feel like picking up a shift now and then...Nursing is not all bad, just sometimes a few bad apples...
  7. by   elizabeth321
    Quote from healer27
    Well, the start of a new year and I'm kissing nursing
    good bye after only 5 short months. I graduated in may and started at a hospital in august. My very first preceptor was a nightmare, on my 3rd day on the floor she said I was too slow and put me down in front of other
    nurses or whoever was in distance of hearing her. At one
    point she even said, "well, I have her she know's nothing I have to show her everything." So being enthusiastic I decided NOT to let it get to me and proceeded to take her C*ap for another couple of weeks. At which time I was moved to a different floor with a preceptor who was great and I learned alot from. PRoblem was at this hospital IF
    I wanted to stay I'd have to take a evening position. SO I left a found a hosptial closer to home on days. Well, once again I have the preceptor from hell not only that but the managers In my opinion are nitpickers. ON my first day on the floor they wrote up a nurse who was in charge of making sure all the phones were back at the end of the day, for not having a phone returned. (someone took one home accidentally).. I found this ridiculous, it's a busy med/surg floor with an 8:1 patient ratio and they are worried about PHONES???? I could go on and on about the other horrors but it would be to long.

    Long story short I've decide to quit. Luckily I don't NEED the job to support myself or I wouldn't be able to leave. my hubby makes a decent salary. I do feel bad placing all the financial burden on him but I'm planning on just picking up a admin position somewhere. I don't care if I'm making half the money I jsut want to be happy. I'm so SICK of being stressed going into work, stressed coming home, worrying about this, being stressed on the floor. To me its just not worth it. My hubby is worried that I'll change my mind and want to come back to nursing but won't be able to after leaving 2 prior positions. bUt seriously I can't imagine feeling this way.
    I also just found out I'm expecting my first child and I really can't imagine the stress level as well as not eating/drinking/peeing an entire shift is good. So I'm gone. I give up, I give in, I just feel like I can't do it. I'm thinking I'm just not meant to be in nursing, or i woudn't have just kept inheriting bad circumstances and preceptors from hell.

    Well, I'd love to hear if anyone else has left nursing? come back and any other thoughts you all might have.

    Hope this is a good new year for all.
    Sounds like you shouldn't be nursing.......good luck!

  8. by   realkreativ
    I honestly think any job is hard. Ok, get ready for tough, but kindly meant advice here:

    I say this from experience, since 10 years ago I worked my way up to Manager (in a different field from nursing). Well, as a Manager I was working an 60 hour work week and it wasn't nearly as glamorous as folks say. Needless to say, I decided to lower myself down a few notches, become less serious and get an Admin job. Holy Cow! Admin's are busier than Managers --- not only are you the bottom of the ladder, and there is a loss of respect which I had as a Manager. In this new Admin job, I was expected to work the more hours for half the pay...

    There's some meaning in nursing that gets lost in all these sad stories of politics, in which someone was too passive to speak up at the hospital, but has no problem complaining and deciding to quit an anonymous board like this. In any job, you need to hone the skill of finding and utilizing the chain of command for dealing with bullies. And you should go over their heads and complain to their boss, no matter how uncomfortable it is. Do you know how many other people have to deal with these preceptors because you didn't say anything? Know your chain of command.

    I think it's best to keep trying to find a situation that works for you. Quitting is easy and gives these folks exactly what they wanted from you -- for you to quit. They are saying to themselves, "yes, I was right about her." Do you really want that?

    And lastly, there are wonderful nursing homes and specialized hospitals that have a great staff to patient ratio, pay well with great benefits, that would love to have you and may fit you much better than a hospital environment.

    However, if you really want out, then settle for an Admin, but don't think the politics will go away. Politics and nasty people are at every job :trout: , and life is learning how to best deal with those people.

    Ok, stepping down from soapbox now :spin:
  9. by   Djuna
    What a great reply realkreativ!

    I cannot agree with you more, vindictive, difficult, rude people are in all jobs, not just nursing. Part of our learning curve as humans is to learn how to deal with this behaviour in a assertive, positive manner that empowers us.

    It's hard to learn this skill but worth the effort.
  10. by   Furoffire
    Sorry to hear you got off on a wrong start. Most nurses do have a happy precepting time although its hard because you are putting the whole nursing process together, multi tasking.

    You should of went to your director and complained about your preceptor and gotten another on. Some love to teach while others hate it.

    Consider maybe a causal positional where you call the shots, you work when you want to, how much you want, the shift etc. Hopefully they will give you lighter assignments.

    Is there anyone in school, a teacher you liked that you can talk to? You have invested a lot and you may regret in the future, nursing has many facets of positions.

    Where on earth is the ratio 8:1? It's not like everywhere. Also if you can find a Unionized hospital that might a feather in your cap. Take care
  11. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from elizabeth321
    Sounds like you shouldn't be nursing.......good luck!

    I think it is a bit quick to throw in the towel and say that the OP shouldn't be in nursing at this moment. I say this because this person is new and each person processes stress and certain situations differently. I am also a new nurse and while I have not personally had the same encounters, I certainly have witnessed them happen to other people and it was not pleasent for me to observe and I was only a bystander. There are many that walk away; that is for sure, and for legitimate reasons. But, maybe this person needs different surroundings. Yeah, it is hard, because I truly believe that this happens in varying degrees everywhere, but it is hard when you are new and are disillusioned early on.
  12. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from ruby vee
    it strikes me that way, too. it amazes me, though, that someone who quit three jobs in six months seems to believe that her problems are everyone else's fault. (and that there are so many members willing to go along with that theory.) i'm not blaming the victim here, but surely she should at least take a look at her own contributions to the problems she was having!
    i agree.
  13. by   Diahni
    You're pregnant and don't need the money? This is a no-brainer! Unlike every single one of my friends, I quit my job when I got pregnant and never looked back. Take a break enjoy your family. When it's time to work again, I bet you'll be a whole new person. This is a precious time in your life, and if you can afford it, why not enjoy it? Congratulations on your pregnancy!