1. Was wondering if someone could tell me what GN means...
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  3. by   espana22
    a GN is a graduated nurse. Not all states have it but if the state you live in does it basically means you can work without taking the boards as a GN. You basically have the same responsibilities as a nurse. The license is usually 3 months. hope this helps!
  4. by   joannep
    Ok, if it is an Australian post it means graduate nurse, ie; a registered nurse who has completed a degree program and is in their first year. Nearly every hospital offers a Graduate Nurse Program, which is a year where you are able to rotate to different areas. Most commonly the program offers rotation to 3 different areas, usually on 4 month rotation, you generally rotate to a medical ward, a surgical ward and one specialty area that you choose; icu, operating room, psychiatric etc. You can also do a grad program in one specialty rotation such as community nursing, operating room, psychiatric etc if that is what you want. The year contains educators, who support you in the clinical areas and study days, which allow you debrief and network, and you are allocated preceptors who (hopefully) become mentors and support you.