Giving mitomycin through the Foley

  1. Remembering I work in CA, does anyone know about the "legalities" regarding scope of practice in giving a chemo drug, Mitomycin-C(Mucomycin is another name) putting it into a urinary catheter and clamping for 2 hours. Do you require special training or chemo cert for this? I am concerned about this practice and don't want to do it unless I am sure it is ok to do. I CAN do it, I just question it. We are a recovery room and not chemo certified. I appreciate any feedback/websites that may help me answer this.Would an inservice be in order or is it uncessary and should it just be done? I look at it as giving a chemo drug through the bladder route. It is like ANY other medication to me.
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  3. by   barefootlady
    I agree you need to speak with supervisor and look up policy before giving this med. Good luck.
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    If you are in any way unsure about doing this, DON'T. At least not until you've checked with your state board of nursing, read your hospital policy, and talked to other nurses who have done this procedure.
  5. by   sharann
    Thanks. The chemo certified RN on oncology refused to give this as well because she had never done it before. I need to find out as well.
  6. by   Mari-Kay
    In our hospital RN's do not instill chemo in the bladder I work recovery. I am interested in
    information on this
  7. by   nursechris1
    I work in a cancer center, and am a certified oncology nurse. We have done this procedure several times in the last year. You should go through a chemo/biotherapy course so that you know how to handle the chemo, how to handle spills, etc.
  8. by   Perpetual Student
    Our policy is that only chemo-credentialed nurses can do it. We don't bother getting credentialed because it's only an issue maybe once a month or so. It's more cost-effective to have the urologist instill the mitomycin.