gift for new nurse?

  1. I wanted to send a serious gift to a new grad nurse. I am thinking about putting item in the gift basket with a letter as to why she would need them.

    I have learned that I need breath mints for those days when I go long stretches without water or have onions or garlic for lunch.

    Hemastats cuz I never know when a foley may leak or other tubes.

    Scissors for cutting tape, name bands when looking for IV sites, etc.

    Can anyone think of any others?
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  3. by   GardenDove
    How about a gift card to an espresso stand to stop at on the way to work?
  4. by   TexasPediRN

    All of the hospital hand cleansers dry out your hands very quickly!
  5. by   kcalohagirl
    A sleep mask if the new grad works nights. Ear plugs for the same reasons.
  6. by   BmtTXLVN
    How about a good pair of insoles for those tired feet ?
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Gift card from a place like Bath and Body or other similar shop the caters to self-pampering. Or perhaps the gift of massage.....

    I sure could use one. (making mental note, get massage next week).

    ALL nurses need a little love and pampering!
  8. by   Laught3r
    Oh my gosh!!!! Maybe I should make this basket for myself. I am loving these ideas. She is going to have a great basket to open on graduation day.

    Keep the ideas coming!!! Thank you.
  9. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    How about a Valium salt lick for those really crazy days!


    Add some Motrin and chocolate to your basket!
  10. by   Purdue_Nurse
    What about a nice penlight? I got a great one for graduation and I love it!
  11. by   sissyboo
    I was at Hastings the other day picking up an NCLEX study guide...I found a book "Training Wheels for Nurses" and got it for a friend who is soon to graduate! It's just full of little tidbits from nurses about everything from Interviews, Advocacy, Making friends with collegues, Having a bad day, etc. Just all sortsa little stuff!!
  12. by   AliRae
    Black pens and a few different colours of highliters. And I second the hemostat idea ... she'll be the go-to girl if she can whip those out when needed! Maybe a cute little journal for her to record her thoughts / experiences in. I did it as a new grad, and frequently encourage myself now by going back to those entries and realizing how much I've learned.
  13. by   Laught3r
    These ideas are so great. I may have to send an extra basket to the school I graduated from as an incentive item.
  14. by   SharkLPN
    Bandage scissors. I've got a pair, and attatched a mini MagLite to one of the finger holes with the lanyard supplied with the flashlight. A nice duo that really doesn't seem to walk away from me, probably because they're together. Watch, now they'll get swiped by a resident doc next shift I work! My co-workers won't dare; having them together lends a bit of 'please give me back' pity to 'em.