Getting a course accredited for CEUs

  1. Has anyone been through the process of getting your
    course/seminar accredited for Ceu's. I am in the process of checking
    with my nursing board, but I am also researching presenting
    the course/seminars nationally.

    Any information is appreciated!

    Thank you!
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    most boards of nursing do not accredit courses to my knowledge. they leave that to professional organizations. ancc can accredit on national level ($$$) or one may get individual course approved by state nurses association. other organizations also accredit ceu activities.
    google "accreditation + continuing nursing education programs"
    will give you more info.

    ana's arm that grants ce accreditation is ancc:
    accreditation of providers of continuing nursing education

    there are several different ways to become recognized as a provider of continuing nursing education through ancc. (note: only ana constituent member associations, specialty nursing organizations, and federal nursing services are eligible to apply to be approvers.)

    the first way is to apply to ancc to become an accredited provider. application fees range from $3,600 to $6,600, the annual fee is $250, and there is a required site visit for which the applicant will pay the expenses (they average $2,000). the accreditation term is for six years--during which time the provider may implement as many activities as wanted without further fees. applications/self-studies may be submitted on cd-rom, but hard copies will need to be sent also. eight copies are required.

    all rn licensing boards nationwide acknowledge and accept contact hours from accredited providers. the only exception is the california board of registered nursing which states that if the provider enters their state and presents an activity on california soil, the provider must also apply to the california board for approval in order for the nurses from california to use the provider's contact hours for renewing their licenses. the california board of registered nursing is in sacramento, and their number is 916-322-3350.

    the second option is to become an approved provider through a constituent member association (cma) that is an accredited approver through ancc. most cmas are state nurses associations (do not confuse them with state licensing boards). the cmas have different application fees, so we cannot tell you here how much they would charge. see our list of all accredited organizations to find out if your state nurses association is an accredited approver. to find their phone number, see the list of cmas. approval is good for three years. the status with the rn licensing boards is the same as above.

    the third option is to apply to one of our approvers (see above) to have a specific educational activity approved for two years. the status with the rn licensing boards is the same as above

    example ce guidelines
    pa state nurses association: continuing education

    other groups that grant accrediation of ce
    aacn - ccne - accreditation