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  1. I have good and bad news. the good news is i found a new job as you all may know, the bad news is it is with genesis elder care, and from past posts you all know that i was once hired for a different genesis nursing home. i went to the first day of orientation, then punked out and didnt go back, i called and the staff develpoment lady told me human resources would call me back. my concern is will they know that i was hired this was in may, also sould i come clean? or should i wait and see what happens? and lastly what do yall think will happen when and if they find out. i am totally pysched about this job! i think i really learned my lesson about quitting and giving up to quickly. i am scared. my orientaion is scheduled to start the 11th. please respond i am pulling my hairs out over here
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  3. by   ava'smomRN
    somebodiy has got to have something to say.... I hope
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I would come clean and apologize for the earlier job. Explain that you are more mature now and you understand the mistakes you made and won't repeat them. I think you put it well in your post. But, I would certainly be honest and up front - otherwise it'll come back (believe me, I know!)
  5. by   essarge
    On the application for your current job, did it ask if you have ever worked for Genisis or any of it's subsidiaries in the past? If you answered that question with "no", that is reason enough for them to dismiss you. They will find out if you did work there prior to this time.

    I would go to the supervisor immediately and tell them that you have worked there prior to this and, like trauma RUs said, apologize and hope for the best.