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I work as a L&D nurses and would love to hear others experiences, advice and opinions on males in this area. My patients love me and am told often by them that i am the best nurse they ever had. I... Read More

  1. by   ElvishDNP
    Wow, this is a heck of an old thread! My OB/Gyn is a male, and he is wonderful. He has a CNM who works in his practice, who is also wonderful. I'd let either one of them catch a baby of mine. I work postpartum and would welcome men into this area. The only man who works on our floor is a secretary, and the patients love him.
  2. by   statphleb SN
    As a women who has given birth 4 times I can honestly say that I wouldn't have cared if the Pope was my nurse- as long as the drugs kept coming!
  3. by   Mahage
    Personally, I prefer a female GYN. I had a male OB and I was very young and very uncomfortable with it, but I knew his interest was strictly professional. I just didn't like it. I would not like a male doing intimate care, but when it is neccesary it is neccesary. I work with some wonderful male nurses and am always willing to perform cleanups on their female patients or help with catheterizations, what ever the needs are. It is very difficult to find the balance between staffing needs and personal comfort.