Frustrated .....

  1. Yesterday was a really frustrating day.

    I work on a Trauma & Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit. Yesterday I and the day before looking after a patient who was in a MVC wo obtained an isolated closed head injury. This patient was very agitated.....verbally abusive with swearing, trying to jump out of bed, restless, aggressive, combative and spitting. I had prn Haldol ordered and it was going through him like water ( not even touching him ) and the patient was in 5 point restraints to stay in bed. I asked the MD doing his rounds for some orders. HE did not give me any. During multidisciplinary rounds, I was so frustrated with the patient care being provided, that i asked the MD if he would like to look after the patient for 12 hrs spitting, yelling and being so agitated. The MD flexed his ego and started yelling at me about for me not to tell him how to do his job and that he has worked in ICU's from around the world....I just got up and left the situation (which is big for me I would usually stay and fight) as the patient was tring to pull out theirs lines and cardiac monitoring so they could finish rounds without me. When the team left of course i went back to my area and sorted my patient out once again. That MD went to the Resource nurse being livid and asked something be done about this. The Resouce nurse, instead of coming to me to talk about the situation the advice from one of the other senior nurses to blow the whistle and get the covering nurse manager involved. How disrespectful ehhhh? What kind of colleagues do I have in the workplace....that would hang you out to dry then help resolve the situation? Well during this time i did not know all who was involved. But the Staff MD in charge of the Unit came back after rounds and sincerely appologized for his Dr.'s unprofessional interaction at my bedside. the staff MD wroter all the orders I needed plus some and within an hour my patient was calm and co-operative and i was able to care for the patient and promote healing. I went up to Resource nurse to speak to her about he situation and had a private talk. I was very upset to find out that she went to the nurse manager. Why would someone you thought was a friend set you up for more trouble? I guess it comes with the territory of working with alot of offense. I will not be able to trust her anymore.....I guess that it something she will have to live with. So I ended up speaking to the to the manager and she assured me that i am being supported by nursing....we got to ***** about some of the Md's and their attitudes. I just want a formal apology from the MD that caused the problem. Is that not fair? And since when Do i have to babysit for MD orders to look after my patient in the Intensive care unit? Its ealy for the MD's cause they are only their for 5 - 10 minutes at a time. I wonder if anything will be done with the DR involved the Nurse manager assured me i will be informed
    I have never had so much drama in the hospital in one day....feels comparible to ER.
    What do you think???
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  3. by   Dinith88
    'Frustrating' may be too mild a term.

    'Arse-head doc syndrome' is what the patient was suffering from most...
    How was your documentation? Did it in any way mention the fact that patient was restless..and doc did nothing?... A peeved-nurse can really make the Doc look BAD if she/he wants. More doc's should realize this...especially as the documentation is a part of the permanent record.

    Neuro-patient's can really suck....i dont envy you for working with them day in and day out....
  4. by   cannoli
    Don't hold your breath waiting for an apology.

    Kudos for saying what you did to the Doc! Too bad he was such an azse.
  5. by   Chaya
    Yeah, CubRN. You put your finger on what it is the people just do not get about the nursing shortage. Docs oversee and direct patient care in 20 minutes (tops). Nurses deliver that care 24/7 and we are drowning. We need a whole lotta support from Docs, our co-workers and the public. (Not to mention that a little respect would go a long way too).
  6. by   Tweety
    Sounds like the whole situation got resolved in the end. The MD was a jerk.

    To play devil's advocate, anytime a staff memeber has been reported by a doc it's a good idea to let the manager know just to cover your butt. I would have talked to you directly if I was in charge, but perhaps would have let the manager know for an FYI kind of thing. Playing favoritism to "friends" isn't necessarily the thing to do here.

    Bottom line, the first MD wasn't promoting healing by allowing this kind of restlessness. Don'tcha just love neuro?
  7. by   missmercy
    I'm sorry, but I had to chuckle at the thought of an apoplgy from the doc. NOT THAT I THINK IT IS AN UNREASONABLE REQUEST!!!! I just know that it would never happen here!! I have rarely heard any of our docs apoplogize, say thank you or give an "atta girl" to any of us! Drives me nuts!! IN a perfect world, we would all be able to play together nicely and treat each other w/ respect and kindness -- unfortunately, I do not work in a very perfect world!!
  8. by   cubRN
    Ya know its not a perfect world that i am wanting ....... it really is just all about respect ya know???

    I dedicate myself to patient care when I am at work not peoples drama or ego's

    It was just annoying to come home and have that replay over and over again.

    I will not let my patient care suffer but I dont thnk i can work with that MD anymore. I'm glad he is leaving in June

    Thank god there are sites like this that can allow me to vent...
    Thanks for all your thoughts they are much appreciated