Former and current Maryland/D.C. students please respond.

  1. Former and current nursing students,

    Please refer to my thread in Student Nursing about medicaly-minded nursing students.

    I need anyone in the Maryland or D.C. university systems to relate what kind of curicculum they have. I'm leaving my current program because it's not grounded in much science, and if you've read my thread in the student forum about being medicaly-minded in a nursing program, you'll know that I'm looking for a stronger demand in a program for the core sciences like organic chem, biology, patho, and physiology.

    I know that the "touchy-feely" courses that deal with transcultural, social, developmental and other humanities-type issues will be inevitable, but the comments there made me think I might be overlooking a nursing program I might enjoy.

    I want to look at other nursing programs because of what information I've gathered on that thread. I sold my books back, and started to look into biology degree programs for the science, but apparently my former nursing program is not typical of the level of scientific demand and there may be a program around that my at least meet me halfway. It would be very nice to confer with some people that have actualy been in them or through them so I can get a realistic picture.

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  3. by   cargal
    My daughter attends JHU. PM me if you are interested and you can correspond with her. Her major is BME. Very stressful and challenging major.
  4. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Thanks, but I don't think the science dept at Hopkins is in the Maryland University system. I need schools in the system because the Army National Guard only reimburses 50% tuition and fees after completion. If the school is in the Maryland system though, the state picks up 50% of the tuition up front.

    I looked at Hopkins before I even moved out here thinking that was my first choice. The tuition is beyond my means without the 50% up front thing.
  5. by   PennyLane
    Peeps--I believe the UMD Baltimore nursing curriculum is up on their website. That may help. My roommate attends there now, but is only in her 1st semester. I know her pathophysiology class just about killed her, and she's extremely smart and majored in environmental science for her first degree. I don't know what it's like after the 1st semester, though.