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  1. Hi,

    Anyone in the same situation as me?
    I am a swedish nurse who is planning to move to Kentucky this year.
    At last I have found out everything I have to do to get a American Certification as a RN. It seems to be so much the CGFNS, TOEFL and last the NCLEX test. Is there anyone who can give me some advice or cheer me up sometimes it feels like I am going to climb a mountain.
    I have just found this website the last week.

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  3. by   P_RN
    Hi and welcome. There are parts of Kentucky that are magnificent. I'm a real mountain lover! And the caverns are beautiful.

    How did you come to decide on Kentucky if I may ask?

    How far have you gotten in your pursuit? Have you already taken all of the tests?

  4. by   Talino
    Focus on passing the CGFNS and the TOEFL for now. Use review materials which is similar to what US nursing students or graduate nurses would use. Books with American authors and publishers would be great.

    When you passed these tests and land on a job in the US, you have plenty of time to brush up on what you have studied in prep for the NCLEX. And, you have plenty of chances to pass the NCLEX.

    I would also recommend taking the LPN exam, too, just in case. It can at least provide you with an opportunity to remain in the nursing payroll until you pass the NCLEX.

    Welcome and Good luck!
  5. by   Marijke
    Hi Susanne,

    Good luck with all this stuff. I know from experience how hard all this can be. A little over 10 years ago I moved from The Netherlands to Canada, after almost 3 years of trying to get all the paperwork done. I have almost never had any regrets however and would do it again.
    The best thing for TOEFL, was doing a lot of reading. If you are good at multiple choice questions, you will pass with flying colors. If you can afford it, go for a holiday to England just before you are writing it, so your listening comprehension part will be easy.
    Just be very stubborn about it, face things as a personal challenge and you will get there.