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We need to start a support group. I recently made a job change to a med-surg unit and it was a horrible decision. I feel stuck because this is my third job in a year and a half as a nurse. I feel... Read More

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    When do we leave for Hawaii??

    oooh! diarygirl, can I go to????
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    You are gonna looooove having me around, emma. I'm even more addicted to cooking now that I can't eat half of what I make. And I won't mind being stuck in the kitchen all day, as all that Hawaiian sun will burn my Irishness to a crisp!
    You're hired !!!
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    We need to start a support group. I recently made a job change to a med-surg unit and it was a horrible decision. I feel stuck because this is my third job in a year and a half as a nurse. I feel like to quit this job would be professional suicide and I would never be able to get a job, even outside of nursing. At least I have made up my mind on the decision that has been plaquing me since senior year of nursing school: I am pursuing a degree outside of nursing. I won't say that I will never hold another job as a nurse, but it surely will not be in a clinical area after this job. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I have only 138 more shifts before I can give my resignation (that is with my vacation time and sick days factored in). Maybe less if I can drop down to part-time after 6 months. I never imagined that nursing could be such a soul-draining job. I hope that I'm still the same person after a year on this unit.

    I hear you - I don't know anyone I work with that really is happy with the job. It's so exhausting physically and mentally not to mention the non stop stress and responsibility! They definitely don't pay us enough - I don't think anyone (non nursing) understands the job like we do.

    I had to force myself to work full time and force myself not to quit my job when I went back to nursing....I have hung in there (was home for years with kids) but I would leave it in a minute if I could find something that pays decently (I'd even take a paycut) and not that many hours (I don't want m-f 9-5pm) Just take care of yourself....try to find a 'friend' at work to laugh with etc....nurses have the best (sickest) sense of humor!
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    ........... Right now the OR, with its lack of deep, wrenching emotional involvement with patients and families is looking pretty good.

    Yea, I've been thinking ER - treat em and move em up on to a floor or discharge - or PACU type's really draining....I want in on the Hawaii thing too! lol
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    You're hired !!!
    Woo! Will you let me out to go swimmin' sometimes? I like swimmin'
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    Count me in for Hawaii .. . I love to cook too.

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    I went to see my doctor today, first time since last year. When he reviewed my chart, he remembered that I was in nursing school. Well, now, I graduated, and am a nurse, so, it was really humorous, before he told me his treatment plan, he went into a whole liteany of complaints about the medical profession, since I now truly comprehend. It was actually healing for the both of us, because he was able to see that much of my issues are related to stress.

    It is burdensome to constantly CYA, CYA, CYA!!! Even with people that I like, I don't always render my full trust. I am really thinking about a career change as well, but I hated school so much, that I can't even phantom doing it again. However, I am thinking that I have to protect myself. I care for the patients, even the ones that grate my last nerve. But, I do not think that we are really caring for them, because we are too distracted to too many other insignificant, silly demands made from the Ivory Tower. Not sure of what I will do, because I am torn. But, I have to think of ME and my family. Nothing is worth losing my sanity enough to not appreciate what I have and cherish.
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    I wanna go to Hawaii too!! Count me in! :spin: