First day in ER...

  1. today was my first day in the ER (as a studen, I'm graduating in June by the way) I came in at 8am and by 8:20 I was bagging a patient who was just intubated (came in with APE)... it was pretty crazy how fast drugs are drawn up and pushed...then there was a Pt. who coded in the ambulance on the way to the hospital....that was ORGANIZED mayheb...she was shocked a few times in front of me as well (but I just observed that case and was not involved)... well just wanted to say it was very exciting...everyone is saying how you need to do 1-2 years med surge...yet ED's all over are hiring new grads and training them....(yes I know you will get good assessment skills in med surge)....I got another day in the ED tomorrow and then I spend 3 weeks in a level 2 trauma ED of my choice during may as a part of a "transition to practice" after taking my last med surge class. Well just wanted to share....thanks for reading
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  3. by   z's playa
    Wow Kevin..sounds awesome! I'm so jealous! :chuckle

    Let us know how the next day goes..and the next..and the next...tell you what...I will live through you!!!! :chuckle

  4. by   KEVIN88GT
    today was the 2nd day in the ER. This time in the "URGENT CARE" (versus acute) area. Got to see a whole bunch of patients. The nurse let me bring them in and asses them. One of the pt's was suicidal...I had to talk to him and assess him and then let the head nurse know....she had to call security and get a pscych consult. Psych cleared him but he learned his lesson. (Dont say you are suicidal just to get faster care). I had a whole range of patients....with Dx. differing from ringworm to calcaneus spurs to tooth ache....another fun day
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    You don't need 1-2 years in med/surg. You can do it if you want. But you don't need to.

  6. by   rntx
    Kevin - you are on your way to being a great ER nurse! I didn't go into med surg first, I went into critical care straight out of school. I precept student nurses, new nurses, and paramedic students and I will tell you how many students that just stand up against the wall and watch (and that's okay). Not many will jump in and bag a pt! Now that is totally stepping up to the plate! Everybody has their own comfort level. Good luck!!!