First aid for nurses

  1. Have just attended a refresher course on first aid today - Sunday - Yikes
    Great course - run by Red Cross
    Excellent presenter too

    Anyway l was wandering is it an expectation to have first aid for you as a requirement for nursing? (general question here)

    All the nursing courses locally ie RN EN certificate 3 etc - in fact almost every course of all subjects such as nursing, hospitality, child care, - anything that relates to a work enviroment type course has an expectation that the person will have a current first aid certifcate (level 2 - workplace) This all ties into the OHS regulations.

    So as l asked is it an expectation to have first aid for nursing -

    I personally like to keep myself updated - as l am sure that most of us if we are known to be nurses = everyone will ask you your advice - ie the nieghbourhood. I will say that l will give my thoughts and then say - I would suggest that you see your doctor-

    Anyway back to first aid - do you?

    Cheers Tookie
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    No, here in the US we do not have to take a First Aid class.
  4. by   Tookie
    It is not complusary 'all over' some places of work have it as an expectation - others as a requirement of employment - there is a strong emphasis on it Australia wide especially for people involved ion sports and juniors
  5. by   mcruss
    I'm in an LPN course, and The first Aid class and separate cpr class are requirements for school.