Finding out very early.

  1. I have found out very early how hard it might possibly be as a bedside type Nurse. I really am questioning(even further) whether or not this is for me.

    Ive been working in an ALF for several months and have been working regularly 16 hour days and several days with maybe one day off here and there. Of course because, being a new employee, I might alot less than all others who have been working there for several years. Makes money sense to have the guy making the low bucks work big hours. Besides, the other new employees would not dare work as many hours as me. The yhave kids,husbands and the like. Me, I have a job, that's basically it, right now anyway.

    I can already see, even at this level, how HR/Managment...etc takes advantage of their employees. Such has been stated on this BB, in books/magazine..etc

    I feel tired and sore after long days and this is only working in an ALF. COuldnt imagine working in a NH. Some days I feel like I don't want to come to work for a number of reasons. I love what I do though. I love all the residents and they are probably what has kept me coming back this long.

    Now I am thinking of gearing more towards working in psych,therapy type areas. I hear they do need CNA's on psych wards and outpatient clinics. I have NEVER seen them advertise those types of jobs. Im guessing they get taking fast?

    I feel like maybe if I got the chance to work in or around the psych place, i'd be able to guage my interests in two different things that interest me. One being the role of a psych RN. The other being the role of OT's and similar folks.

    Anyone who knows how it feels or better yet, anyone who knows anything about the psych field and how to get in it as a CNA, I would die to hear from you.

    Sorry about being so open about everything but I guess it happens after a long day of work.... hmmph.
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  3. by   Tweety
    All I can say is "welcome to the real world of nursing". Said with a smile and not in a condescending way.

    A lot of pysch facilities use "techs" to sit with patients, to escort them to and from group facilities. The best place is like an alcohol rehab where they are walkie talkies.

    Some pysch nursing is back breaking work for the techs, feeding patients, bathing etc. because they can't care for themselves. Some of the patients are elderly as well.

    Physch tech working is as varied as nursing is.

    Whatever you do I wish you the best of luck and don't kill yourself. Maybe you need to shorten those shifts to 12 or even 8. Good luck.
  4. by   mdfog10
    Hi ,
    sounds like you may burnout before you even get started. If you are still in school ask your instructors about all the different settings you can work as a RN. I hope you can shorten the hours you work----sounds like too much and enough to discourage anyone.Personally in my 14yrs as a RN I have never been able to work much overtime---only have so much to give and then I get very cranky.

    good luck
  5. by   ERNurse752
    Just say no!

    You don't need to work that kind of overtime, and they shouldn't expect you to. Obviously those kind of hours are going to cause undue stress, physically and mentally, leading to an early crash and burnout.

    Try something else you find interesting. Don't let this one bad experience deter you from something you want to do.

    Remember to take care of yourself too. Good luck!
  6. by   Paige Turner RN
    Just thought you should know that there is a BIG difference between ALF's , NH and Acute care settings. That is: in ALF's they often tend to keep people who would really do better in NH's, ALF's do not have the proper equipment for theses people which often puts the worker at great risk for frustration and injury.
    I am talking about adjustable beds, lifts, or in some cases even things like proper incontinence products.
    Learn to say no, working 8 hours is enough for one person 12 hour shifts are ok if you don't overdo. Remember you must first take proper care of you body, mind and spirit before you can care for others effectively. If you can, take a break and do a little research before giving up completely
  7. by   CseMgr1
    Originally posted by FutureRNMichael

    I can already see, even at this level, how HR/Managment...etc takes advantage of their employees. Such has been stated on this BB, in books/magazine..etc
    Yes, and they are QUITE good at that, aren't they?

    Michael, the MORE you work, the more burned out you are going to become...not to mention the fact that Management is going to expect more AND more out of you. And, when you get to the point where you literally can't work anymore and can no longer meet their expectations, they are going to treat you like s---.

    Do yourself a favor, and get OUT of there, before you become another victim of this abuse.