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Don't you just love Epiphany Johnson on General Hospital? Modern Nurse has a great story about this. Nurses are no longer portrayed in TV shows as mere accessories or even servants! She's... Read More

  1. by   oramar
    Wow is that show still on tv. I remember people watching it when I was little kid. Must be on for around 50 years. Did not watch it then, don't watch it now.
  2. by   BonnieSc
    Yes, it was really funny when Robin gave Laura the drug without actually "pushing"--just needle in, needle out...

    But soap operas in general do so much to educate the public about health conditions (like, on GH in particular, Alexis's lung cancer, Lucky's addiction to prescription drugs, and Sonny's bi-polar struggles). It's really quite honorable. Just a few weeks after the new CPR recommendations came out, I saw a soap opera character administering CPR the new way--even though most of the audience was probably like, what? why doesn't he know how to do CPR?.
  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    That's why I watch Young and the Restless...once someone is dead, they usually stay dead. None of that nutty stuff, like exorcisms, demon posessions, etc.
  4. by   wooh
    Quote from skipaway
    I've been a GH fan for over 30 years but I hate how nurses are so nurse all in the same shift. Kinda like walking the halls of the hospital and finding a patient or case you like and just taking over!
    That used to kill me on that show Strong Medicine. The gynecologists would go from running codes in the ER to performing heart and brain surgery. But like someone said, that's true of all professions on the soaps. Need a lawyer? Call your local divorce/defense/contract/corporate lawyer!
  5. by   loridoo
    I think what really bugged me the most about Elizabeth was the extremely short amount of time that she was a nursing student, it was like a month between when she chose to go into nursing and when she started working as a nurse.

    I can't say to much about going from dept to dept, in the last 3 days I worked IMC, then ICU, and back to my home medical floor. (Never mind that I'm only trained to work the medical floor).