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  1. I'm just finishing up my 3rd of 4 semesters, and i currently have a good job (works with my school hours, good people to work with, etc.) however its not a nursing job, and i'm wanting to get some hospital experience before I graduate. I will have 4 days off next semester so I am wanting to finish the summer at my current job, then get a job in the hospital. My question is this: there are 3 hospitals in my city, and I know I want to go into OB, should I "tour" the three hospitals Labor and Delivery and see which one i like best? do i need to apply to all of these and see what happens? I'm a total newbie to the medical world so I dont know how to go about this! Thanks for all of your help!
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  3. by   GingerSue
    could tour them
    meet the people who work there
    maybe get some questions answered
  4. by   purple_rose_3
    I would definately apply to all three so you can keep your options open. Then, if they call you for an interview you should ask them if you could tour the unit that day as well.
  5. by   SonicnurseRN
    I agree, apply to all 3. I am a RN student and just recently got a job @ a hospital for the same reasons as you ... it took me about 20 resumes to get one interview!! I've been told that some NM's do not like to hire students because they do not stay in the job as long as other applicants Good LUCK!
  6. by   ShockerGirl07
    Thanks guys for all of your advice!! its appreciated!