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I'm curious, do you use filter needles at your institution? I use them in pharmacy but was really surprised to hear that my hospital doesn't stock them on the floor. This seems a bit dangerous... Read More

  1. by   Momma_Penguin
    I have been at my facility for 7 filter needles. But I think it's time I spoke up again. Of course the answer to anything in never get it or need it til something bad has happened. Laura LPN
  2. by   ButterflyRN
    Yes, we use filter needles in the hospital where I work at now, here in IL. But I tell you this, I went to nursing school in NYC and we were never even taught that filter needles even exisisted, and the hospital I worked in NYC didnt have them on stock. I think they are great, because I was always scared of little bits of glass being in the vials when drawing up meds, and I think every hospital should use them. Hey, there's something else we never learned about in school in NYC....gait belts! Does everyone's hospital use those? I think they are great too...a big help. Just my opinion.
  3. by   raiderron
    I work in a hospital here in Wyoming and we carry filter needles in every department. They are used constantly.
  4. by   Bermuda
    Filter needles ..yes...should be in every med room...filter needles are used whenpreparing meds from glass amps to prevent glass particles from being drawn into the syringe with the med. Then you change needles to use...We have always had them...
  5. by   amyBSN
    Yes, we stock filter needles on our floor and they are kept in the med room. I use them everytime I have to draw from a glass amp. What would you use instead of the filter needle and is this a safe practice?
  6. by   darlinnurse
    I work in LTC , and not only do we not have filter needles, we also don't have filters for central lines. When i questioned the DON on this matter she said they weren't needed................
  7. by   Fgr8Out
    Our hospital supplies filter needles on all units. We use many medications in ampules, and you have to filter out those glass particles. In addition, they are REQUIRED whenever we draw up Duramorph for epidural bolus administration. If your facility isn't using them, question why immediately.
  8. by   ironman
    Hey there---I have seen several replies where people mention studies of shards of glass---Can someone give the biblio of those so we can read them---

    I am curious where i can get evidence to take to my DON for this issue---