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    I am hoping that someone here will be able to point me in the direction of some resources. My sister had an 18-week ultrasound yesterday and was treated to a doctor with some awful bedside manner, especially for first time parents. She came in and sort of mentioned something to my sister "I normally wouldn't say anything, but your doctor told me to tell you everything, there's low levels of fluid in the baby's brain ventricles. It could be nothing." Then she basically left and my sister and her husband were in shock. She was reassured that everything else with the baby measured normally, but she's obviously very worried about this potential abnormality. She's going to follow up with her doctor for a blood test (she had originally deferred the amniocentesis, I think that will give her better information), but she's going to have to wait about a week for those results. Which will feel like eternity. If anyone knows any good resources to look up with this finding might mean, I've had not much luck with Google searching to this point. I'm not looking to scare her, she's pretty practical, she just had no time to ask questions or get any more information. Any help is appreciated.
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    I'd suggest a second opinion with a new OB..preferably one with good bedside manner. I think you can google that, and find reviews on docs too.
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    We can't provide these answers as we're treading into giving medical advice. I too would just tell your sister to get a second opinion.