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In this age of "productivity" and "the bottom line" as priorities, I'd like to know how many of you get a half-hour meal break and 2 fifteen-minute breaks in an eight-hour shift and at least another... Read More

  1. by   antiqueblue2
    We joke on my floor that the only ones that get a break are ones that smoke or pump. But we do good most days to get our 30min. lunch.Then other days we sit around half the day, so it evens out. But smokers & pumpers take them no matter how busy it is.
  2. by   TaraER-RN
    In my ER we always are relieved to take a one hour lunch break (they combine the 30 min and two 15's) and if I work a 12 I always get my extra 15 minute break. If for some reason (which doesn't happen very often) that we don't get our break, or all of it...then by our union contract we get paid for the break time plus an additional amount for whatever we missed..ie we only get a half hour break, then we actually get paid an extra hour...I guess you could say we get paid doubletime for the missed break time...so management likes to make sure we get our breaks so they don't have to pay out the extra $$$
  3. by   mark_LD_RN
    i don't take any breaks unless i have no patients. for my break i may go sit in back section of nurses station and read or do education articles. but i wont leave my patients ,i want to make sure that i do everything i can to make everything go well
  4. by   micro
    break........what is that when you wolf down a salad and lemonade between running for the lights, procedures, and trying to get charting done...........
  5. by   adrienurse
    I take my breaks. I insist on taking my breaks and make the time for them. I find that I need them to fill up on caffeine, refocus and uncloud my head. I am much more productive if I take a break. I work on such a chaotic and noisy unit (dementia ++) that it is a necessity in order to have patience.
  6. by   mattsmom81
    We would always joke on those RARE quiet nights this is a night where we catch up on all that missed break time the other 364 days of the year...LOL!

    Kewl, I got so I would put in for 'no lunch' too..why get docked 30 pay minutes if we can't get away??

    When I did charge, I did make sure the rest of the staff who wanted/needed to could get away..I liked to chase them totally off the unit to clear their heads if they would go....I would relieve them myself rather than let them go without...part of my charge role, I figured...yes, I'm going nuts at the desk, but they are running crazy on the unit and stressing physically and mentally, so their breaks came first.

    I know, I know, I'm sounding like a martyr...but I am really more like a ' mother hen' in person....and it does feel kinda good when my coworkers call me up and ask how I'm recuping, and ask 'when' I'm coming back....they miss their ol' mother hen...and its kinda nice to be missed...LOL!

    But maybe someday I can go back.....as I do miss them too.

    Nursing...a love hate relationship!!! :roll
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