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Ok, this is a VERY LONG STORY. I am sorry. Please dont let this keep you from reading it. I am so hurt at what has taken place. I need some fellow nurses to guide me in some decision making please. I... Read More

  1. by   moonchild20002000
    I agree with other posters,find another job ASAP! You are in a very toxic enviroment and its not likely to improve. Staying in that job is not going to be good for your self esteem. It sounds like you did a great job,the job was more than one person could do.I was in a similar situation once, I carried the load for my co-worker for years. It was a very busy office,much like your situation. I finally reached a point that I resigned.

    It turns out that it was the best thing for me. My next job was the best I ever had. I was compensated well,respected and appreciated. My co-workers were just wonderful people to work with,my doctors were great and my nurse manager was the best I have ever worked for.

    I also think as soon as you can you should go back to school. You will have so many more opportunities.LPN's are so limited in where they can work. I know,have been an LPN for 33 years.

    Try not to get too discouraged, come here for support when you need it.
  2. by   Batman24
    They are an ungrateful and untrustworthy bunch of nitwits. You are worth more. You can do better and you will. This is their loss not theirs so pick yourself up and get a new job so you can support your family. Use them like they used you. Work only for the money until you find something else. Don't let this break your heart because they aren't worth it.