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Hello, I am 32 years old and have been accepted to a very well respected BSN program in my area that will start on 01/17/07. However, I am leaving a very comfortable paying job at a major... Read More

  1. by   futurecnm
    Quote from RunningWithScissors
    Want to trade jobs?

    Seriously, there are MANY of us who would give our eye-teeth to have a "comfortable paying" desk job at a telecommunications company with great co-workers.........glad you have a calling. (I thought only nuns and priests got those). You will need all the will power and drive in the next few decades.

    What I'm saying is, trust your gut instinct. If you are feeling ill at ease about quitting a comfy job for nursing then you should listen to that little voice. Remember, the things you see on the discovery channel are not really how it is in real life on a day-to-day basis.

    Obviously, you are having some serious second thoughts about this major career change (and displacing your 10-year old in your pursuit of a nursing degree??)

    I guess I'll get flamed for this, but it's just a reality check. Consider the source; I'm backed into a corner in my job with a witch for a manager and no hope of transfer to anything better, and trapped due to the salary I'm currently making (trust me, your family will come to depend on your income and there's NO WAY OUT!!!)
    Sometimes leaving your comfort zone and taking a new path is the key to happiness. It is posts like these that new students shouldn't read! Obviously , this person doesn't feel like being a nurse is their "calling" and YES I believe it can be a calling the same as a nun or priest. Maybe I should say passion rather than calling but all the same. I believe there is always something out there for everyone. This person is a nurse who does not like her job. There are many out there who love their job and depending on where you live there are multiple aspects of nursing a RN can go into. I live near more than 5 major hospitals and the want ads are full of job opportunities so I know that I have options once I get licensed. I am taking a pay cut from my past job but to me the possibilities are endless if I'm in something I have passion for. Don't let the burnt out people who hate their job get you down. go with your gut and stick with it, even thru the tough times.
  2. by   Multicollinearity
    It's always scary to jump off into the unfamiliar, leaving your former life behind. Trust what your intuition is whispering to you - and you'll not only be ok, you'll thrive.

    A year ago I quit my own business that I had done for many years as an insurance broker. I suppose some would have called it a cushy, high-paying desk job. It doesn't matter what other people would think of my job - it only mattered what I thought of it, as I was the one working it. I hated it. I hated getting up every morning.

    Now, a year into school...I have never questioned my decision. Yes, it is hard living on a student's budget. But I really don't mind. I like my life when I wake up every morning. Life is too short to dislike what you do all day. I felt a compelling need to do something that contributed towards the well-being of others. That, and I was fascinated by health sciences. The numbers game of insurance had nothing to do with my core priorities of compassion and science. It sounds like you feel a bit similar to how I did.

    Trust what you know to be true, and be gentle with yourself as you feel the 'willies' about a major change.
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  3. by   nurseangel47
    Don't be scared or worried. I was more excited than anything when I first started nursing school. I had several talks w/clinical instructor and she encouraged me a lot by reminding me that I wouldn't have been accepted if they didn't think I could do it! That encouraged me a lot. Because I'm a very analytical person and the more I thought on that one comment, the more I thought, right, I'm going to do it! I had many bumps along the way, more than my fair share of angst, it is nerve wracking at times, but you just bite the bullet, make it work.
    I got to the point where it was a pride thing. The more (supposedly "wellmeaning" mostly family members) who said I COULDN'T do it, the more I WANTED to do it .... to show them I COULD!!!

    You just hang in there and take it one day at a time. I know that's the only way I got thru...mainly due to other responsibities simultaneous to nursing school...two small kids, husband traveled all week for a living...
    Hardly saw or got to spend quality time with the little ones for about three years but it was worth it!
    It was sooo worth it...I kept telling myself over and over I could do it and I did! I also saw it as a great way to support my kids and myself if something ever happened to my marriage, which, of course, it did, ultimately...can anyone say, self-fulfilling prophecy?!
    Nursing school, however, was not what killed the relationship.
    I sound paradoxical in this post. Sorry.
    Just hang in. Others have been and/or are in your shoes also. You will make great friends in nursing school...I am still in contact with one from back in '86! We remain close even now!
    It is an awesome thing to do for yourself and others.
    Stay, enjoy, you're going to have difficult days, but the rewards of that person getting better or knowing you're their student nurse, getting that extra bit of attention the regular staff don't have time for,...it will make your life so much richer, it is beyond words.
    Good luck in your venture. You'll do great! Sounds like you already have a support system in your present staff "family"...that is awesome!
  4. by   mvanz9999
    Quote from nurse2be09

    I am 32 years old and have been accepted to a very well respected BSN program in my area that will start on 01/17/07. However, I am leaving a very comfortable paying job at a major telecommunications company that I have been employed at for over 13 years ............As the date gets closer, I am finding myself damn near crying each time I leave my job. Don't get me wrong, I do not like the job itself, but I love the people I work with. .......
    Yes, I have. I'm not even near nursing school, but the apps for the MSN programs are due in January. I have this same feeling. I have a comfortable desk job with good pay. I just think it's a waste of my life.

    I too get anxiety and fear thinking about doing this. A lot of the posts on this board are no help at all.

    Do you know a lot of nurses? I know a few, and none of them have any complaints. They don't complain like many of the posts on here are. I've even asked them about some of the complaints I've seen. Idiotic management, evil charge nurses, and abusive patients. For the most part, they have no complaints. They all love nursing and have no interest in doing anything else.

    I think the fear of the unknown and the general change in lifestyle are difficult to accept. After all, you're comfortable and probably have a few really great co-workers. But would you rather stay there or take a chance? You WILL find new relationships to replace the old ones. You will come to love the people you work with.

    I think what is really easy is to sit at your current job forever. What is difficult is making that change. Despite the ups and downs, I think more people are happy in nursing than not.

    You aren't alone in your terror. Just know that.

    Another question I have is...would you be so terrified if this board did not exist? I don't think I would.