Favorite Patients

  1. Does anyone have a story about a favorite patient? What did they do to make them your favorite and how long ago did you have them as a patient?

    I was in the ER the other day and my nurse was WONDERFUL. She told me I was one of her favorite patients that day (I know that she won't remember me for more than 5 minutes) because I was so easy going. ALl I did was thank her for helping me and getting my treatment started (I'm a crier when I'm in pain and I keep saying "I'm sorry for crying"). I'm going to send the ER staff some treats (if you have any ideas let me know, I was thinking cookies) later as a thank you. Her comment got me thinking about what makes a patient good, and what would make you remember somebody days or years down the road.
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  3. by   analee23
    I work in a pediatric ER. We had a 3 year old that overdosed on a medication (can't remember now what it was). I had to give him charcoal, so I mixed it with a bunch of chocolate syrup so he would take his "chocolate shake" without difficulty... which he did wonderfully. Mom was great about getting him to drink it and so forth. Promised the little guy some trucks to play with when he was done. We had to observe him for (I think) 4-5 hours after drinking charcoal and so he was in the ER for a looong time. Mom came out once or twice to ask for something to drink or eat or to go to the bathroom, but otherwise just patiently waited, great mom, very grateful for her. Anyways, at the end of the 4-5 hour period I was discharging the little guy and he says to his mom, "Mom, I like it here... now I know what to do so I can come back!"

    Mom's face was PRICELESS. Anyways, he gave me a big hug and said thank you> I love those moments.

    This incident is pretty fresh in my mind as it just happened, but cute nonetheless.
  4. by   nurse4theplanet
    My favorite pt is the pt who is sedated with no family.....:roll :lol_hitti

    just kidding!
  5. by   Antikigirl
    I adore my patients that are realistic and easy going! Patients that actually realize that they are not my only pts that day, that seem to appreciate me and my sense of humor, that realize that I am trying very hard to make this experience better but can only go so far as far as what I can do, don't blame me for being mad at their MD's, and have a realistic view of their conditions! They are the best!!!!!!

    I have had quite a few of these types of pts recently, and when things are going this way...me and my pts tend to spend the 8 hours laughing, talking about things, good pain control (trust and anxiety factor play a part here too!), and know that I am there for them (or will be shortly!). Not only that but then I am cheery outside of their room and make my collegues cheery too! A win win in a stressful place for both pts and staff!

    I have a great time when pts are comfortable enough with me to Razz me a bit, and me to them too! LOL! Like "okay I will give you credit for 200 mL of urine, but that extra 100 was just showing off! LOL!". Or "I will hang this new IV bag...hey look..you got premium unleaded...wow you are special!".

    Makes my day go by faster and happier by far!