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I am just wondering if anyone has ever had false accusations made against them. It just happened to me and I can't believe it. What I think really happened was that I notified the dr's and... Read More

  1. by   RN4NICU
    Quote from cannoli
    Who is Barbara Salisbury?
    A British nurse who was convicted last month of attempting to kill her patients in order to make their beds available. She was sentenced to 5 yrs for the attempted murder of 2 patients, having already been cleared of the attempted murders of 2 other patients.

    I don't know anything specific of the case. The news articles, such as this one are pretty one-sided against her.

  2. by   concernednurse135
    if you saw it from a local perspective she was not liked as she changed who the ward ran when she became incharge.. i.e made the lazy nurses work as from what I understand she was very much a hands on manager and expected others to be as well... and before you know it she on an attempted murder charge... seems like she wasnt wanted on the ward and this is just vindictiveness which has escalated out of control.
  3. by   Blackcat99
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    Thanks to all who responded. Here is my update. The hospital did not write anything up because nothing happened, which I am sure they know now. However, I would never work there again if they kissed my a--! I have moved on to another facility and and quite happy. The hospital DON could not tell my agency who accused me, who the patient was supposed to be, what date it happened, or what the actual accusation was. How bogus is that! When I asked for a written statement of the alledged accusations, they could not provide one, apparently no one could remember anything. The DON told my agency a date she thought a nurse told her but I did not work for them during that period. Well, that incident left a bad feeling for other agency nurses and I was told by a friend that 3 refuse to work for that hospital at all and another refuses to work in that unit.
    :chuckle I'm glad everything worked out well for you. I think that is wonderful that other agency nurses are also refusing to work at that hospital too! :hatparty:
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    I don't know why I'm still in this profession. I was happy being a unit clerk on my med surg ward.
  5. by   ian adams
    Yes fight it! If you are being falsley accused you cant count on your supervisors or company to go to bat for you.I am a male PSW in Canada. I worked in a small town in ON for 3 years doing homecare.One of my elderly clients lived with his wife and had grown children.Two years in he started to make really inappropriate sexual comments towards me.Im acctually a former factory worker and happen to be straight as an arrow. Iwas pretty shocked at the comments, but i didnt chastise him for it as he was very frail.instead I talked with the wife about it.She told me the comments did sound "homosexual" and that he had "a checkered past".when I went back to go to work again,the wife told him in front of me to keep his mouth shut.It appeared they had a long family secret.I had told her I wasn't interested in his checkered past-and that i wasnt going to judge.I just wanted the comments to stop...and they did for a few months.Then it started again anyways-to make a long story short I went into work to find myself surrounded by angry family members.The drama was thick-but they didn't talk to me directly and allowed me to work.I contacted the office and told them i didn't want to work there anymore.They interviewed me and told me they knew i hadn't done anything wrong and said that these situations occur every 6 months or so with their workers and clients.I continued my work with other clients in town-satisfied that this crap was behind me.But that wasn't so.I started being bullied by my neighbors and eventually the whole town.They were very angry and called me names like ****** and said that i had preformed oral sex on my client.After a year of this me and my live in girlfriend moved away.Incredibly the gossip followed me and ive had to move 6 times since then-i tried to go back to labour but im nearly 40 and just cant do that anymore so i work in a group-home now.My days are filled with shunning, bullying and name calling and i haven't dated in three years.I also cant make freinds and the niehbors grab their kids when they see me out because they think Im a homosexual rapist.To top things off Ive developed diabetes and PVD.My days are numbered now and i will probably die having not had a gf in 3 years and getting bullied by gossipy lowlifes.Ive contacted the company that owned the homecare agency about this trrying to find some evidence that might clear me such as the notes taken by my former supervisors but they seem uninterested in helping me.This is a full 8 years later.Theres much more to this story as well but it just exhausts me to even write about it-stuff on the internet and everything(my attemps to clear my name with the town backfired,my computer was hacked and my files,like pictures, my resume and a very crude rough draft outlining my problem have been scattered all over the net)And yet I still continue to work because all my supervisors past and present know it isn't true.Trust me-you wouldnt want to be me for even a day-call the police-and if they still push this crap retain a lawyer and threaten to SUE.