Failing A&P I

  1. I'm fighting back tears while typing this because I just feel so down. I'm coming here to vent because I don't really have anyone else that understands my struggle.

    Long story short, I'm failing A&PI (I'm doing good in the lab, but that only counts for 25% of our grade). Idk what happened, I started the semester really good, but some things do come into play. I'm taking 4 other classes, while taking a&p, I work part time as a CNA and my son is 2 years old. I'm doing good in my other classes. I've always got A's and B's, I have a D right now in A&P. I didn't drop the class because I thought I could improve. But I was wrong and now its too late to withdraw and my GPA is going to be affected.

    A&P is one of the classes I need to get into the ADN program for fall 2018, but I know for sure I will not pass this class. Ill just have to wait another year to apply after I take A&P again, and that makes me feel so discouraged. The class is hard, I study so hard, but always fail the exams, all my time goes into this class. I get so down when I hear my other classmates and they talk about how they have an A, or how they are starting the nursing program in the fall. I feel like I'm not smart enough to even get into nursing school.

    I'm starting to wonder if I should pick another career, but nursing really is my calling. I know in my heart it is, but if I can even pass the pre reqs, idk if its going to happen :'(
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  3. by   twinmommy+2
    Have you looked into a tutor?
  4. by   beekee
    Have you met with the professor?
  5. by   Bonnie Vargas
    I would ask the other students (the ones you know are passing) how they are studying. Maybe you just need to 'fine tune' your studying. For instance, when I was focused on reading all the assigned chapters I noticed I didn't do as well as when I just focused on studying the professors' lecture notes. You could also review how you are studying with your professor and the professor can tell you where you might be going wrong. Recording the lectures also helped me in school. I would listen to lectures while doing chores or driving You might not think it would help but it helped me a lot. Good luck. My finale words are to not give up nursing. Getting all A's in nursing school sometimes does not always equal the best nurse.