Failed boards need help!!

  1. I am a LPN who failed my RN boards. i also got a 75.So much for that being a good thing. I need your expertise. The boards are so hard now with the new formats. Fill in the blank, check all that apply, show your calculations etc. Any thoughts on how to pass this. I am 51 so it is not like i am not taking this seriously. I have put loads of effort into this. Please help a fellow nurse,be all that she can be. Thanks
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  3. by   suzanne4
    please see your first post.................
  4. by   Rnn2003
    Hi: I am sorry to read that you did not pass boards. When preparing for the boards try taking the questions and making them fill in the blank or to the new style. One of my good friends just took boards last week and that is how we prepared her. Books we used were Saunders and Nclex made incredible easy hope this help.
  5. by   Blackcat99
    Sorry to hear the sad news. I am sure you will do better next time. Take a break for a few days then try try again. Good luck