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  1. by   TravelingTexan
    What is one of the things we do everyday? Patient Education! The patient is the public and they need educating. Count me in, gang!
    As for how to do this... How about those of us who couldn't make it to Washington, do make it to our respective state capitals on the same day as the Washington march? Just a thought.
    As for a theme... how about "Nurses for Safe Nursing"? Also just a thought.
    In the mean time... e-mail! e-mail! e-mail! Get the word out!

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  2. by   nanjam
    While I do agree that we need some political actions, we also need to start taking action from the inside out. Let's start by not accepting unsafe assignments based on census and/or acuity, filling out high risk screens when unsafe conditions exist. Document, document, document. The more silent we remain on paper the more a deaf ear can be turned. We must begin to demand change for ourselves and our patients. Just Say No! Start treating your institutions for what they have become namely a corporation. Unfortunately we are allowing, yes allowing ourselves to be treated like manual labor rather than true professinals. Something to think about, do patients and hospital management identify you by first name? What about the reverse? Food for thought. We need to elevate ourselves first.
  3. by   ME
    Hey Bunky!!Great idea! I have been trying to get RN's fired up here in the Ann Arbor, MI area for a while now! I am so tired of the whining!! However, when one proposes doing something about the condition of nursing in our society all of a sudden everyone wimps out! I tell you one thing--if the health care industry treated MD's the way they do nurses the AMA would have a field day! Where is our beloved ANA??? It is going to take a new breed of nurse and a new dedicated group of activists to get something done! I am willing to do whatever it takes--and NO, I am not some militant weirdo! I am just a professional person who has worked in a variety of fields in nursing and is disgusted with the lack of respect, lack of concern, lack of pay/benefits and lack of safety in our work places! Please feel free to contact me as I have seriously considered starting my own website and have begun to receive some support from nurses I am currently in school with (pursuing BSN to MSN degrees)! Contact me!
  4. by   nancyh
    Tjis is agreat idea. I have a few ideas on how to organize this. first, you need inity, not a few nurses all over the place. why not (using all of the people who replied on this forum dive up and get all the states represented? getting representitivers for states n0ot covered in this forum shouldn't be too hard. If possible, break each state up into regions. for example, If i were in charge of informing theSouthern NJ nurses, I would be responsible for getting out a bulliton to all hospitals, and yes, nursing schools because we're still young and idealistic, wehaven't been burnd by yhe system tot he point of complacency yet, thast on a SPECIFIC date we are all to email bush and Goire, write articles for the major newspapers, and infrom about a march which is set on a specific date oh, say, RIGHT BEFORE ELECTION in WASHINGTON! Treat this project like a corporation would and delegate. Bunky, since it was your idea acts as president and oversees hge whole project. this way the more people who are actively working towards this in an ORGANIZD way no one has to take an undoable burden. First, Bunky, set your dates and the exact details. write up the campaign and select your state representitives. This is totally doable.
    To get your state reps, start your own database of email addresses and home addresses. I'll give you my info if you decide this is a good plan of action.

  5. by   ShannonB25
    First of all, I just want to say that I commend all of you for your efforts thus far. I am a senior year nursing student and I believe strongly in what you are trying to do. Upon completion of this message I am going to send messages to all of the presidential candidates as well. I just wanted to add that there is another site that some of you may be familiar with called "Nursing Spectrum". It is a really good site as well and there has been much discussion about organizing a type of million nurse march (or something of the sort) at this site as well. I will post the email address and under the "search" box just put "march" and you will see that there are discussions committed to this topic. I just thought that maybe if you could get in touch with other individuals on that board concerning this issue, it might help unite nurses undertaking this idea. Hope it helps!

    Best of luck to you!
  6. by   nanjam
    How about some media exposure. I've emailed the 3 major networks asking for exposure concerning the Nursing shortage. Let's start our own media blitz with their help.
  7. by   bunky
    I haven't dropped off the face of the earth! My computer just went a bit haywire for awhile there, and I have felt so naked without it! Ha! Ha!

    Everyone is posting great suggestions! ME I understand an appreciate totallly that you're not some "militant wierdo" and I am nervous about that element getting involved. I'm not either just for the record. They can't prove I made those bomb threats! LOL.

    Nanjam, I particularly liked writing to the media eg a show like that Hopkins 24/7? Why is it all about doctors and what THEY face? At least they are payed fairly for their work! Even when you ask a doctor about it, (and I do believe me!) when they start whining, I tell them, "I'll trade you jobs and paycheques" and they quickly shut up. I think that maybe the media is a great place to go to for some representation.

    Shannon thank you for including that other link to nursing spectrum! I haven't seen it yet but will ASAP. I want to hear what others are proposing on this idea.

    I will also try the media route and see if I get any response or interest there, and I'll keep you all posted on what I get back.
  8. by   PPL
    Hey everybody! Seems like I've been gone forever, but I haven't forgotten this topic! I have noticed that Nursedude hasn't posted re this and I'm wondering if you would care to share your thoughts re all of this, and offer any suggestions. Don't try to spare us, ha-ha. I know we can count on you for an honest assessment, Nursedude. Thanks
  9. by   nanjam
    The Nursing shortage and it's sometimes unfortunate results have been addressed this a.m. on NBC's Homepage as a result of an article in the Chicago Tribune. Check it out. Let's keep this subject exposed in the media!
  10. by   feminist nurse
    About 6 years ago, REVOLUTION magazine, and Laura Gasparis organized a nurses march on Washington.

    I was there!! There was a pretty good turn out but we got only a tiny bit of press.

    I think the California nurses association has the most clout today politically.

    You can reach their homepage at www.califnurses.org. They post the most recent healthcare articles that effect nurses from around the country on their site. I have found it the most enlightened site that I have ever visited for up to date healthcare info.
  11. by   PPL
    Fem nurse, I read the article on the CNA site re Engineering A Crisis. It is one of the best I've read. I printed it out and I'm going to share it with anyone that will listen! I'm talking Joe Public. Also, I'm sched to attend a four hour inservice re customer satisfaction. What a hoot; we all know what would improve customer satisfaction. If this inservice is what I expect it to be, I'm planning a walk-out after stating my case. Thanks.

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  12. by   feminist nurse
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    It takes real courage to organize nurses.

    Because as soon as our employers get word about action, they give nurses with less spine and committment all the reasons they shouldn't take action.

    When I was in an organizing campaign the management tried to tell the nurses that it wasn't professional to take action.

    The management sent out letters with information that was darn right lies.

    The management called nurses in to offices for one on one intimidation.

    the management repeatedly violated labor law

    and I could go on and on

    But if we don't organize ourselve today, we will lose our profession!

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  13. by   feminist nurse
    oh, just an FYI about the ANA and the last march on washington.

    The ANA was resistant right down until the last minute and they figured they'd look like fools if they didn't support such a grassroots movement as the nurses march on DC

    But since then, they've let nurses down even more. HOW MANY OF US BELONG TO THE ANA?

    I think California nurses did the best thing by breaking ties with the ANA. They've been able to set their own staff nurses political agenda. They've become RADICAL.

    RADICAL is not a dirty word. Radical is what has gotten the california nurses legislation on pt ratios and whistle blower protection.

    By the way, Health Professionals and Allied Employees in NJ are beginning to pick up some legislative clout.

    And now Maine, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania nurses have formed affiliation with the California nurses association.

    Will your state be next? California has said that they will help other states get the ball rolling.

    ITS UP TO US!!!