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    I am in my junior year of nursing school, and am looking forward to practicing as a nurse. I had my first clinical two days ago at the newborn nusery, where my son was born three years ago. The clinical was very interesting, and I had the opportunity to experience the nusery on the other side of the glass. Yesterday I had a clinical in the Pediatric ER. I found every minute of it fascinating, most of all, how everyone works as a team to provide the best care possible for a person. I am positive I will love the nursing profession. It makes me feel good to help somebody, and make a positive influence in his/her life. Don't let the negative and disgruntled people bring you down. Be yourself and love what you do!
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  3. by   cbs3143
    Best wishes on your upcoming nursing career. May you keep the love that you feel for nursing throughout your career.

  4. by   caliotter3
    How wonderful that your first clinical was at the nursery where you had your baby and that you are starting on a positive note! Hope this is the beginning of a truly rewarding and fulfilling career. Perhaps you will become a newborn or peds nurse. You've certainly started right!
  5. by   TootyFruity
    Congratuations! Your off to a good start. Babies are the sign that angels are near! You truly blessed! Keep up the good work, and you'll graduate with flying colors!
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    welcome and all the best to you!