Excelsior graduates...Are there any?

  1. I know this question has been asked a million times before....But are there any people who've successfully completed this program??

    I'm an LPN considering it.....

    Thank you!

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  3. by   sanakruz
    well-I've been trying since 98. I have 3 more areas to challenge.
    Its very expensive, difficult to stay motivated, and generally not working for me. I have challenged out of 6 classes, so it's a pretty big financial and emotional investment I have made.Wouldnt recommend it. I wish I had just gone back to school.Guess i need the commaraderie.
  4. by   debRNo1
    sorry for your bad experience sanakruz. You can do it. Took me 5 yrs all together.

    Tricia I finished the program eventually in '01 and passed the boards. I worked FT and it took me 5 yrs at my own pace. The clinical is manageable and I think the cost is way below a "traditional" program.

    good luck

  5. by   smiling_ru
    Yes, completed the ADN in 3 months (tested out of all of it) The BSN in 1 year (tested out on everything except statistics for which I took a distance class from a local university) I was an LPN when I started the program) For me it was the best thing, faster and easier to do with family and work obligations. It truly depends on the person, different learning environments work for different people.
  6. by   mcruss
    How long/where where were your clinicals? I've heard conflicting answers....
  7. by   srae111
    yes I am one. It can be done . I have never had trouble getting a job. I did take some of my classes in the local college here in Cleveland Ohio but completed my degree at Regents. I am very happy I did it . Don't give up on this, if you want it you can do it.
  8. by   caliotter3
    My girlfriend and I were doing it together when I tried the first time. As a matter of fact, I am the person who told her about it. It was Plan B for both of us as we were doing prereqs for a BSN program. She finished, graduated, and is now an RN. She was attempting to enter a BSN program near where she moved to. I have lost touch with her or I would introduce you. She took her clinicals in Albany. According to her, at that time, she prepared for the clinical exam by memorizing some common nrsg diag and interventions and going in with plenty of "confidence". At that time Regents did not give very much help with prep. Now they send you a thick binder that pretty much spells out how you need to prepare. As you have probably heard, most people have trouble passing the clinical at the end. I am doing it a second time (I had to drop out the first time). It is a lot harder for me, mostly b/c I am more mentally involved with my two FT jobs along with the overtime. In other words, I fall asleep over the books more. But it is doable. You have to be very committed. I wish you all the luck in your efforts.
  9. by   debRNo1
    I took CPNE in Albany NY. It involves 3 days. They send you a huge study guide that basically needs to be fully memorized. There are areas of care and critical elements for each area. I used mneumonics and was well prepared for ANYTHING to come my way. Wound up getting NO iv's and gave very few meds too.
    Out of the 6 that we 2 failed but were lost from the start.

    3 of us began and they ditched me for traditional programs and regardless- we are all RN's now !!!

    You arrive on Fri.eve for orientation and do the lab stations. I had PB,IVP, SC, sterile dsg. (easy) I didnt have to repeat any but you can. You need to pass 3 PCS (patient care situations) but can go up to 5 (if repeats are needed.) 2 adults 1 pedi. If no pedi available you will do 3 adults.

    You write your care plan and if acceptable youll go in. You make a "grid" as a care guide and follow the 'elements' involved for areas required and assigned. (got to do and document ALL) You will evaluate and document, they will reveiw and let you know if you passed it.

    I got lucky and passed with no repeats ! I was on my way home about 10:30 AM sunday with those eight credits under my belt and ready to take the boards, happy and proud of myself.

    Not too sure it can be done in 3 months (is that a misprint?) think I waited that long for my CPNE date ? Took me 5 yrs, working FT. I took several classes at comm. college but most thru excelsior at the sylvan centers.

    Started to take some classes toward my BSN and they will accept CPNE credit for 5 yrs. Not sure if Ill go with them or a traditional program this time. It is a doable program if you can study alone, an online group helped me thru. Once enrolled nurse educators are available for questions and they have chat groups on student website. Of course there are horror stories and bad rumors of the clinical but they were usually unprepared for what they were expected to do. Everyone said they fail you in Albany and that is a myth you fail yourself...........


    One word of advice be careful of third party companies offering a guarentee to pass or you will get robbed.

    email me if you want to know any details
    will help if I can
    there are a few online groups that would help............

  10. by   caliotter3

    I am trying again and wanted to ask you this ?. There used to be a website run by a regents grad that was very helpful. It was called Chipkalee, if I remember right. I tried to find it again, but it has been discontinued. I was going to get a lot of good info, in particular, the grid she recommended, but failed to do so when I had the chance. Did you ever come across or use that site when it was avail? I look at the excelsior chat sites, but they don't seem to have the depth of helpful info that chipkalee did. When I get a chance, I will visit to find out about some of those online sites. I really think some group interaction would help me this time. Thanks for your info and encouragement for us poor Excelsior rats!
  11. by   debRNo1
    Chipkalee's site is GONE

    Not sure what happened. It was an EXCELLENT site. She put my CPNE experience there (glad I kept it on disc) and the old "study buddy" site vanished too. I have the grid and some other stuff on disc too if you need it.

    There are a few "chat" sites at Yahoo try them:


    alot of info in the files section check it out and you can connect with current students there.

    I couldnt have done it without my online study partners. We all passed and are RN's now and theres a group of us that are still in touch............

    lots of luck


    email me if you want
  12. by   bbatt
    I completed the asn program just 8 months after becoming a lvn and I am so glad I started it. I did have all but 1 class finished at a local university before my lvn. Clinicals were not nearly the nightmare I dreamed they would be. I did do one of those guarantee you will pass study guides for the nursing exams, but they were only useful as a guide. I also bought the cpne video and study guide, and still have all the asn study guides I purchased if anyone is interested. They are a little old(6 years), but may be of some use.
  13. by   BladderMouth
    If your studies guides are that old...don't you think they not would be of much help now..The questions to test and all guides are updated every 3 months or even sooner when needed.

    There are other options that aren't that expensive using Excelsior and you can get your RN degree sooner then you expected...if you do the study time needed.

    If I were you, I would look into some of the Direct In Home Studies options you would find right here on the internet.

    I did it that way and found ways to short cut my study time, and still got all my credit hours and learned the same as anyone going back to classes.
  14. by   hoolahan
    smiling ru...I am sorry but I have to say you must be exaggerating the one year to finish the BSN. First of all, you would have to have all pre-req's done. The clinicals are barely even graded in time before the next one comes along, making it very difficult if you fail to take the next clinical, you need to wait for another round, and for it to be offered in the location of choice. They do not always offer the exams in every location for every date.

    It takes them WEEKS to grade anything, and you need to pass everything in sequential order. I mean their deadlines held me back for a whole year. a lot of time watsed waiting to hear if you passed, so you are allowed to apply for the next exam, then wait time, grading time, etc...

    I am not saying it is impossible, but extremely unlikely to have completed all the requirements for the BSN in the space of one year, just to do process issues w the school. You are the exception rather than the rule.

    I did it, and if I could turn back time and go another route, I would. Very very stressful program...I would NOT recommend it, Just my 2 cents.