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I work nights and we usually help each other out a lot. But there is one nurse who is constantly asking for help with everything you can imagine...to the point it gets others behind in their own... Read More

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    I always found ways to be busy, so that when i said "i can't, i'm busy with ________", it was the truth.
    We're all always busy and that's why we get so far behind with helping her so much. Last night (actually this morning at 6 a.m.), I finally asked her if she wouldn't talk to me for the next hour so I could get started on my charting. She got huffy with me about that too.
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    Quote from loricatus
    Just curious-Have you ever tried asking her for help?
    We have one like you mention; and, since I tried to do the same thing to her as she was doing to all of us........let's just say her shift was not as pleasant for her as she would have liked it to be. Now, she continually gives me speeches about how I should become more of a team player and pull my weight
    Yes, we have asked her for help and occasionally, she is pretty good about it. However, she won't hesitate to say she's too busy OR she'll do it and then complain to everyone else that she's so behind because she had to help so-n-so. And that's after she's only helped once after they've helped her about 10 times.

    Last week, she needed off a certain night that we weren't scheduled together for a change. So, I switched the other night that I was working that week and she wasn't scheduled. I was told by another nurse that she whined all night long that she didn't want to be there and was there to fill in for me and wished she hadn't. Ummmm, I was doing her the favor!

    But your story does remind me of something similar. One night, she kept saying the whole shift how the charge nurse from days didn't like her because of the assignment she gave her. The other night, I had a doozy of an assignment and said to her that now the charge nurse doesn't like me because she gave me a bad assignment. I only said it to 1)try to hint I'm going to have a tough night and please don't bug me too much and 2)so she'd know she isn't the only one who gets bad assignments. Guess what she said? "Honey, we all get those kinds of nights but we just have to suck it up and deal with it." :chuckle