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After reading some of the Nursing "horror stories" thread about being pooped/ puked/ peed/ bled/ and ejaculated on, I was wondering if anyone has caught an infectious disease or illness from a... Read More

  1. by   TexasPediRN
    MRSA...boy was that fun...

    Had a patient who trached, home care setting, who required frequent suctioning. (I'm talking up to 15-20 times per hour). Child would just drown in her own secretions and had no way to cough/gag/ or swallow.

    Had some nice abscesses that had to be excised, my poor husband learned to pack wounds, and took meds that made me so sick..

    It ruined my stomach. In the course of 2 weeks I had Bactrim (never again), Rocephin shot, Clindamycin, Levaquin, Bactroban to the nares, Flagyl, Phenergan, and Lomotil (my best friend).

    It took a month before I could eat normal foods comfortably again..lost 12 lbs on the jello/broth/chocolate milk/yobaby yogurt diet!

    It took a long time for me to even feel better..

    Moral of the story - even if you have to glove up for an hour straight - do it!!!