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I am a member of this board, but rarely post. I have a few questions that I would like to ask. How many of you believe in Physician Assisted Suicide? I believe that a patient should have that right... Read More

  1. by   psychonurse
    After I watched both my parents die a slow miserable death from cancer and not being able to really to make them comfortable, I do believe in some sort of assisted suicide. When my father was in the hospital he had a nurse that shut off his morphine drip cause his respirations were 10 and then he woke up and was confused and they had to restrain him for 3 days. If I would have found that nurse I would have strangled him, but finally he got tired of fighting, let us put the IV back in him and they started the drip again and he never woke up again. It was a little better with my mother but she had a stroke and she lived for 6 weeks after and by the time that she died she was skin and bones. But the last night that she was alive they started giving her medication for pain with demerol and she died peacefully with family nearby.

    I also believe in the hereafter I had an experience when I was an aide of a patient that stopped breathing. I went to call the doctor, in fact I called the doctor and told him that the patient had died. I then went back to get the body ready and about the time that I walked up to the bedside she took a big deep breath and started breathing again. A couple of hours I went back to talk to her and she told me that she saw this big light up in front of her and a door appeared. She heard a voice that said " I am not ready for you yet." That really wiered me out for a while but then I really realized what the meaning was and it was for the best. That was many years ago and I still remember that vividly.
  2. by   micro
    Originally posted by SuperMan!
    Hi Sbic56, BBelle and everyone, I'm glad we are having a nice discussion about this topic. It's good to stretch like this once in a while.
    Ok, I think we pretty much agree on 95% of this stuff... and the fork occurs at the point of "Being ready to die." My position is that with the help of DNAR, Living Will, Hospice, Doc and nurses who are liberal on the pain management...etc., the patient then, can maintain their "dignity" by dying without having to resort to "kill themselves" and nurses and doctors having to deliver death.
    to the list above, agreement.....but remember, advance directives are much more than just DNR, and to fully have them met.(you would hope fully---either direction), very specifics in regards to care have to be designated and then backed up with a medical order.....and followed through is still a very flux situation and still very variable, but hence I repeat myself.....
  3. by   sbic56

    I have spent a relatively huge amount on my pets. Neuro surgery for my basset with a broken back, f/b weeks of rehab until she was able to walk again. Treatment of congestive heart failure for another dog, including meds and special diet. Pets are special members of my family that I try my best to keep alive as long as they have quality of life. All was done out of love, not "sentimentality." Sure I'd spend alot more on my people, but then they cost more to fix! But, if they stated it was time to go...then heartbreaking as it may be for be it.

    My point on the money spent is that if I get no quality of life from all this money spent, then please allow me to stop the madness and let me die!
  4. by   waicurn
    ok. i've stated basically all there i need to in expressing my view on this topic. thank you all, especially bbella and sbic56 for stirring my marbles a bid.

    anybody wanna talk about genetic engineeing? kidding !! not going there just yet!
  5. by   micro
    genetic engineering.......
    that is indeed a very slippery slide, but a fascinating one.....
    genetic research .......been there done that...seriously
    slide, but a necessary one.....
  6. by   sbic56

    Thanks for disagreeing with me so thoughtfully and respectfully on this tough topic!
  7. by   teeituptom
    howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Genetic engineering, could be fun

    doo wah ditty
  8. by   ohbet
    May a 72 yo woman,with irreparable brain damage after a cardiac arrest,who is lying in a coma and needs to be fed on a drip,have the drip stopped after 3 years so she can finally go to sleep in peace?\
    There are more people than before,whether at home ,in hospital or in a hospice who can no longer bear their already destroyed life, whose indescribablee pain is not relieved even by the strongest sedatives of palliative therapy,and yet they cannot die.
    Is a patient to be comforted by doctors who are boasting a having given a woman almost one hundred years old a new hip so she can go home and live for another six months?
    Or is a severely burned patient to kept alive to be able to suffer another 6 months Is an electrician who fell to a high voltage cable and whose head looked like burnt cabbage ,and who was so seriously injured that he was unrecongnizable and did not even dare to show himself to his family be kept alive indefinitely by technical possibilities? Arent many people afraid not only of pain and suffering but also be being imprisoned in a tehnological medical system, afraid of total dependence and a loss of control over their own selves, drugged until they are dozy and sleepy, no longer thinking, no longer drinking ,no longer experiencing anything.
    Death with Dignity? Its a joke.
    If someone wants to live,let them live. If someone wants to die,let them die.
  9. by   BBelle
    Superman: Thank you for a wonderful discussion. Hope to have more with you. Belle
  10. by   ohbet
    Doctors make agreement among themselves as colleagues to help one another actively in dying if it comes to the point.
    Doctors can give themselves an overdose of morphine. But why is this possible only for doctors?
  11. by   Jamesdotter

    The above is a link to Oregon's "Death With Dignity" act. I am (mostly) in support of it.
  12. by   ohbet
    Isnt human dignity about self-dermination? Doesnt a man who all his life has worked honestly and for others,yet at the end-after a clear medical diagnosis- is threatened by a tumour or perhaps years of senile dementia,total senility in old age,have the right to die. We are given the self determination to live our lives, shouldnt we be given the same control over our own dying?
  13. by   micro
    Self-determination. Respect and dignity. I so agree. And with proper guidelines, of course(JDotter, thanks for posting the site)

    This is such a complex ethical, spiritual, legal, and $$$$ issue. Where did it get so skewed? Or has it always been.

    My feelings as limited as they may be is that as we are becoming more advanced technologically, that the issues are becoming more clouded and that technology/science/medicine can keep someone(their body) alive to an indefinite time.....longer than the natural course of things..........
    but then you start on a slippery slope.....
    and also do not interpret anything I am saying here against ever
    increasing science, technology,medicine, research.............because I am not.......
    I am a walking talking example of continuing medical advancements.......and that by now was back a few years........
    But, where I see an issue(actually I see many potential issues) is in the use and where the research is being done. Do we(we=medicine) perform hip surgery on a 99 year old debilitated patient just so they can return to a bedridden life being fed by PEG tubes.......? Do you keep somebody(a body) alive on mechanical ventilation just because we can? And I guess what has as a nurse infuriated me the most, is when I know for a fact what the patient has stated and wants in regards to medical treatment either in cessation or continuation.................but the patient is ignored and the wishes of others(within the scope of the patient's life) is heeded.....against the patients will.

    Sorry, all if I am a bit off thread date here..........
    just micro thoughts..........

    hope this thread keeps seriously going on for a while.....
    good thoughts, posts.......