Ethical Issues in Nursing (HELP!!)

  1. I'm in the nursing program and I have to write an ethics paper. I need to know what are some of the issues that are occuring now in the nursing career. If anyone has any ideas or comments about this subject please let me know. I know there are the broad issues like assisted suicide and the DNR but I would like to expand my horizon. THANKS
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  3. by   imenid37
    Whether or not to resuscitate children born at the edge of viability 23-24 weeks gestation. Many children resuscitated at this stage who survive do so w/ significant disability. There are a few, 24 weekers who have grown into relatively healthy kids.
  4. by   LuvMyGamecocks
    There are several forums on this site that should help point you in a direction to research. (Nursing Activism/Healthcare Politics) (Nursing Issues/Concerns and how they affect patient safety and care)
  5. by   Pompom
    What about mandatory overtime. Increased fatigue leading to mistakes. Possible personal injury obtained from a motor vehicle accident because the nurse was too tired to drive.
  6. by   sharann
    I have a paper like this to do for my RN-BSn course. I was thinking about doing one on if it is ethical to let women elect to have primary C-sections because they want them(patient right to self-determinations vs medical procedure like major surgery)
    Good luck on yours.
  7. by   Pepper The Cat
    Allocation of resources is a subject I did for my ethics classes. This is a subject that can be looked at a lot of ways. If there is a flu epidemic and 10 persons needing a hospital bed, but only 1 bed - who gets the bed? The sickest person? The person most likely to get better? The mother? The grandmother? The child??
  8. by   maxr
    hi i have a problem in my assignmeent question. if anurse is pregnant and she has to care for a client with meningitis . she refuses to care for that client and requested to change her assignment . one nurse is finishing her duty after doing 8 hrs duty. and other nurses working in the same ward are doing 12 hrs duty. the nurse who is pregnant is relieving the nurse of 8 hrs duty. who has to go to attend a seminar which is booked 1 month ago. she told to the nurse manager about the change of assignment but she says already there is shortage of staff as staff gone for sick leave. other two nurses does not want to change their assignments for 4 hrs as the have to do 4 hrs duty. so what is the outcome of this problem . what we can do and what we cant do and why