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Just received my "employee satisfaction survey" in the mail :p I'm curious as to whether other hospitals do this, and how often. I was talking with one of my co-workers earlier this week and we... Read More

  1. by   NancyRN
    I'm always surprised when we get the results of these surveys back. After hearing everyone complain all year, the results will be something like, "87% Very Satisfied". I mean.....who's lying?
  2. by   LilgirlRN
    We recently had one of these where I work, I didn't participate...they said for those areas having 100 % participation, the hospital CEO would come to visit the department himself. While it was tempting, I refrained from taking the survey. With that as the reward, I can only wonder what the punishment for not participating could possibly be???
  3. by   cbs3143
    The surveys are "allegedly" annonymous and confidential. Have you noticed how many of them have a demograhics section to start off with? Questions like what your educational level is, what unit you work on, your sex, your age, length of time on the unit, heck even I could figure out who all of the respondents were with that information.

    They are generally pretty superficial and seem to focus on your relationship with middle management. Wow, a visit by the CEO himself, that would be a prize. The last time that I recall the DON coming to the ER other than for a disaster drill was when a little girl tipped a coffee pot over on herself in the surgery waiting room. We had beau coups admin types around that day, but they only got in our way of providing care, but then that's a different thread. Sorry, I'm usually not this negative.

    I didn't fill out the last satisfaction survey a couple of months ago.

  4. by   willie2001
    We recently had one of these "employee satisfaction" surveys. We recently got the overall results. Only slightly more that half of the total number of employees participated, but supposedly it was enough to make "general assumptions" about the overall quality of the "work environment. I was among the almost half that chose not to participate. Of course there was a positive spin put on the results. My only assumption from all of this is that almost half of the employees are ambivalent enough not even to bother and waste their time, because we have been around long enough to know that the only thing that will result is more commitees and meetings. Very little, if anything will be accomplished. The whole process was skewed from the beginning and is set up to make things look better that they really are. :zzzzz
  5. by   Furball
    Originally posted by fedupnurse
    Our surveys say "OTHER THAN STAFFING, SALARIES OR BENEFITS..." What else is there?? Those are the main issues. I'd love our hospitals to do surveys where they review salaries (don't need a survey for that-HR should already know what you are making and what the going rate in the area is) and adjust them accordingly. I would also love it if they actually listened and acted on what we tell them. We are not asking for platinum fixtures in the bathrooms or a nurse and aide per patient! We are asking for safe staffing, to get paid what we are worth, equipment that works and that is readily available and a safe and secrue workplace for starters. We don't get that here and sounds like most other folks don't either.
    Other than the salaries, did they listen to any other suggestions??

    Doc to ER pt:

    Besides that crushing chest pain, SOB and nausea can you tell me about your last BM?

    ALMOST as ridiculous