emergency at home..........

  1. briefly I have an emergency at home today...
    there is trouble with the plumbing in my apartment and there is a HUGE flood...... I noticed it at 5am when I woke up to get ready for work, started putting towels down and cleaning madly, but then I noticed that in the bathrooom in particular there are water bubbles in the ceiling, *the paint bubbled that is* implying that the problem is coming from above ........
    so I go to the superintendent, they come and look at it , dont seem to bothered but go upstairs anyway, I go back into my room *which is near the washroom* and notice carpet is damaged and there is water soaking all along the bottom of my room
    its awful in here..... since there may be "water in the walls" (not my quote the supers)
    they shut off our electricity and I have to wait around for a plumber, electrician whatever
    *I dont know , I'm bad at this stuff*
    so I called work to explain, this is now 2 hours and 10 minutes before my shift to say whats up and that im stuck at home (meanwhile im totally bothered by this , and its gonna be a major cleanup deal, and this happened once before and it was pretty terrible, small electrical fire n whatnot) so I'm worried about that happening again...for obvious reasons , fire = bad
    so I call work, and the person I spoke to was really supportive n said she would do her best to get someone to come in , I told her she could explain what happend as most ppl know that I dont call in late ever and that if im sick the floor knows it well in advance, so that was that, then someone called me back sayin they couldnt replace me and that i had to come in because i only gave 2 hours and 10 minutes notice instead of the required 4.........ummmmm what?!??!
    last time I checked emergencies werent convienient
    am I losing my mind or what?
    she had a tone like I would be reprimanded when I went back in, like I was lying or something.....I dont know what to do.....if i had to pay for a plumber or electrician i would throw the bills at them tomorrow , but this is all done thru building maitenence and my superintendents dont speak english well enough to write a letter on my behalf....

    any suggestions?
    whenever anyone else has had a situation happen I've been supportive
    someone called in 3 hours before their shift sayin they couldnt get daycare,no one gave that person sh*t....
    I feel unsupported.....
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  3. by   kmchugh
    First, Wendee, you have MY support. Life has emergencies, and sometimes they have to be taken care of. How much good would you be at work, spending the day worrying about your home. If whoever is at the hospital has a problem with that, tough. Given the shortage of nurses, who's going to fire you? I'd take care of my problem, and the next time I worked, I'd have a serious heart to heart discussion with my manager. Let him/her know how this made you feel.

    Kevin McHugh
  4. by   nightingale

    I think an "emergency" is one that causes you to be distracted from working. This is an emergency. You are expected to leave your home and belongings unsafe in a harzardous situation... ask them to reconsider...

    my prayers are with you today....
  5. by   CEN35
    wendy, i can sit here and say don't worry about it who cares? although everybody is different, and me being me (a worrrier) i would probably feel the same way? (however, i think toooooo much as someone tells me )
    i would never give any of my people a hard time if something like this happened. do what ya have to do!!!

  6. by   jones58
    Gee- Has your employer ever told you someone called in, and you would have to work an extra shift? "Their" emergency is pretty is easy to fix. Mandatory overtime. Stuff happens!
  7. by   JillR
    Oh Wendy, they will get over it. This is not something you can blow off. Just take care of what you need to today and they can take care of thier problems. Maybe one of the managers just might have to get out on the floor and help out today.
  8. by   mario_ragucci
    Sometimes other people can be rough with you because they like you. You are a wonderful person, Wendee, and worthy of non-people's envy. I don't know what to tell you except just be cool and smile :-(
    This will blow over, your luxuary apartment in the sky will be fixed, and the nurses with children will always get pref. treatment. Don't you know mom's have the world coming to them :-(
    If I was there iy'd cover for you, and weed be talking about wine and cheeze and assorted fruits (fresh, mind you)
    I will pray several minutes for your speedy hassle-free life :-(
    Originally posted by mario_ragucci
    and the nurses with children will always get pref. treatment. Don't you know mom's have the world coming to them :-(
    Mario, don't be an ass. This person was more likely to have gotten preferential treatment due to her ass kissing factor with the supervisor, not just because she's a mother. You have serious issues when it comes to women. But then again, you think they should be home breeding your offspring, while you're off at strip clubs.

    Wendy, I'm sorry for your situation. Life's emergencies are unpredictable and suck, to say the least. But the last time I checked, a call off was just that, a CALL OFF. I'm not asking for permission, I'm telling you I WON'T BE THERE. My boss said something to me once when I returned after a call off. "you're getting pretty close to a verbal warning". I just let her know how it was. S**t happens, and I react. I do what I have to do. You'll do what you have to do.

    BTW, our time for call offs is 1.5 hours before start of shift. It's not that you CAN'T call off after that, it just gets you in a little bit of trouble. 4 hours?? yikes! I'm not even awake 4 hours before my shift starts!

    I forgot to add Wendy, my basement flodded once. Lost everything that wasn't 5 feet off the ground. It's terrible to loose personal things, no matter how trivial, to water (which is NOT supposed to come into the house)

    I hope all is well with your home & it's belongings!

  11. by   duckie
    If you think they don't believe you, take pictures. I'd show them to her and tell her from her attitude you didn't think she believed you, in spite of your work record and you just wanted her to see the proof! That should shut her up.
  12. by   hapeewendy
    you guys are the best *big group hug all around*
    Incase you couldnt tell I was just hyper and pizzed off this morning!
    things are okay here now, pipe fixed , carpets being cleaned yadda yadda life goes on I know
    its just annoying how some ppl can be so selfish as to only think about how other ppls absences affect them..... I'm not that way inclined so I guess its a pet peeve of mine to have to deal with those who are

    all of you have definitely made me feel better
    I was sitting here festering about it getting all agitated wondering if the dolts at work think that I wanted this to happen or planned it....I didnt even really notice it til I got out of the shower myself (I'm in a fog when I wake up for at least 15 minutes, there could be brad pitt sitting in my bedroom and I'd walk right past him......well maybe not THAT extreme but you get the point)
    anyway tomorrow I will clear things up ...believe me if I'm gonna be "spoken to" about this nonsense
    I will calmly and eloquently settle the situation once and for all...
    oh yeah , I wasnt trying to imply that the mom with daycare issues should have gotten into trouble or anything, of course she shouldnt have, thats an emergency of a different kind, I was just saying that because I was there that day,she didnt have to worry about potentially being spoken to, or in any kind of trouble because of it...whereas I did because I spoke to an idiot today, the incharge nurse is fantastic, she was great with me on the phone, but the other one is just well..... nevermind
    once again, u guys are the bestest
    and I thank you for putting up with my whinefest
    (no not wine, whine)
    and heather, I know exactly what youre talking about with your flood. Today I was rushing around like a maniac to make sure "things" didnt get damaged, they are things ,but they are my things.
    the only thing sort of damaged is the carpets, and the paint in the bathroom
  13. by   CountrifiedRN
    Wendy, I feel your pain! A few years ago, I lived in an apartment and had a "water incident" three times within a year! Once, the people above me had some kids that turned on the bath tub in the early hours of the morning, then forgot about it and fell asleep. I woke up to water pouring from my ceiling in my bedroom, and had to pound on the neighbors door to get them to wake up and turn the water off. And they acted like I had inconvenienced them because I woke them up!

    The next time a water heater broke and flooded my sons bedroom. And then some underground pipes got clogged and water backed up. Water was flooding from the toilets and the bath tub drains. Several apartments, mine included, got flooded with vile, nasty water.

    The next few days were spent trying to salvage water damaged items and dry the carpet out, so I know what a mess that can be.

    Good luck with your apartment, and stay dry!
  14. by   micro

    micro here and not there................hugs across the wendy and me airwaves......

    life just stinks and gets all wet sometimes...........

    but then again it dries out again.......

    lol xoxoxoxoxxoxoxox wendy.....

    :angryfire :uhoh21:
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