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We have a CNA/tech who is elderly, actually there are two or three in the hospital. This one was being a little slow getting the vitals and one of the younger nurses said "If ya can't get the work... Read More

  1. by   HippyGreenPeaceChick
    As my mom and dad used to say the young never learn until they are old, and then its their turn to be ignored.
  2. by   tkane
    Yep I work with a CNA who is 66. She is one of the best that I personally know. She may be a little slow at times but @ least she isn't text messaging constantly. I appreciate her & fortunatly so do all of my other co-workers from the 18 yr olds on up.
  3. by   ElvishDNP
    When I was a brand new nurse (med/surg) I worked with a CNA that was in her late 50s, if not early 60s. She had been on the floor since God was a boy and she was DAMN good. We'd start at one patient's room and work our way down, and we'd work together doing accuchecks, turns, baths, VS, and whatever else, and I'd do my assessment sometime during all that.

    She was great at picking up if someone was starting to go bad, since she was there 5 nights a week. And sometimes when we had a LOL/LOG getting confused, she'd just go in and sit with them and talk, or eat her lunch in there with them. Just to let them know she cared. And if someone started getting mean (not confused, just MEAN), she'd march in that room and say in her best 'mean' voice, "Now Mr. X, you know good 'n well we ain't gonna be havin' that kinda nonsense up in here! We got ladies on this floor that ain't wantin' to hear you talk ugly, so you best straighten up, hear?" And 99 times of 100, she got results. She was freakin' incredible.

    She's still up there, and if I ever have to be on that floor, I'm gonna ask for her.