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Hi everyone. Just had a few questions. I noticed a lump the size of a walnut on my mid back next to my spine yesterday. It got me a little concerned, so I went to the doc today (who tried to talk... Read More

  1. by   CherryRN
    I have one on my lower back near my spine too. I discovered it at age 17. I went to the doc to check it out. He said to just watch it, and if it grew or started to hurt to come back. Then he examined the rest of me and said you have tiny ones under your skin on your arms, abdomen, etc. He then brought me into his office and showed me what a lipoma was in his book and I read about it.

    I think they are hereditary. My father has them too.

    Mine never grew, never hurt. I left it alone.

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    Hi everyone.
    Just had a few questions. I noticed a lump the size of a walnut on my mid back next to my spine yesterday. It got me a little concerned, so I went to the doc today (who tried to talk me out of being a nurse but that's another post!) Anyway, she diagnosed me with a lipoma and told me to get it removed asap by a plastic surgeon (so it doesn't have as bad of a scar) because it will only get bigger. My concern is as to why she didn't take a biopsy of this tumor on my back? She's assuming it's benign, but what if it's malignent? My aunt who has breast cancer was diagnosed with a "benign" tumor in her breast a year ago . What advice can you all give me about this? Thanks! Louisepug
    I'm glad I came across this thread! Because Jan, 2002 I brought to my midwives attention a small lump on my foot (the inside part of my foot below my ankle) well she had NO clue as to what it could be so she sent me to Dermatology to which he wasn't quite sure either and then reffered me to a Podiatrist (well I lost my insurance before being able to be seen) so I ended up moving out of state then getting new insurance and my new primary physican told me she though it might of been an enlarged vain/ or swollen? lol it didn't show any signs of it being such...well I asked for a referral to a podiatrist and he didn't seem to interested in what it was..just speculated that it was "OK" but told me if it changed to call him....well within 8 weeks or so I noticed more growth along with a few "baby" ones growing next to it.. (I have VERY tiny ones on my opposite foot but my right foot they have grown and spread) I also noticed in certain positions they would be pressing on nerves and would inreturn make my foot go numb..even after mentioning this he just said he'd take x-rays ..which he did but that was it? No follow up call, nothing. I think his office/ staff/ him even weren't too great..so who knows!! But it also worries me of what this could possibly be- especially being a mother! Can a biopsy be requested?? Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks a bunch
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    Thanks for all your replies everyone! Glad to know there are other lipoma targets out there like me! LOL! I'm not too worried anymore, but would still like a biopsy to be on the safe side. Oh, and btw, my doc was trying to talk me into being a PA or physician . I didn't ask for her opinion. Oh well, people love to give 'em. Hugs, Louisepug
    I have seen lots lof patients with lipomas and would suggest that if it is not bothering you to just leave it alone! I have seen some who have nasty scars from having them removed and they were not having any symptoms with it. They are just little fatty tumors that are benign. Most likely you probably have other ones that are small that you haven't felt. I would recommend you just leave it alone! Good luck. PS- being a nurse is great!!!!
  4. by   Stitchie
    My DH had one on his left hip that was pretty big. He had it removed and hasn't had any problems. It did leave a hairline scar on his hip but that isn't any worse than the stretch marks that the lipoma created in the first place.

    He only had it removed because it was uncomfortable and eventually prevented him from laying on his left side. It was excised (actually, more than that; it was liposuctioned!) and the doc ended up removing about 5 lbs of tumor; it extended into the lateral thigh area from his hip. He was off work for two days; no complications since then.

    It was biopsied, but it was just fat.
  5. by   orrnlori
    Well you can't make an omlette without breaking the egg. Any general surgeon or plastic surgeon can remove the lypoma and have it biopsied, the scarring will be minimal. Lypoma's have a definate feel to them through the skin so I would bet the doctor's have called it correctly. Anyone truly concerned should have their lumps and bumps biopsied. My husband has a pretty good sized lypoma on his leg but he's a big chicken and refuses to have it taken off. If I had one, I'd have it taken out before it grows, the smaller the lump the smaller the scar.
  6. by   nurseT
    I had a lipoma about the size of an egg on my rt scapula. My FP said " it's just a little lipoma, don't worry". I said, " no, take it off, it's wierd and it shows through my shirt". At first he didn't want to do it, he wanted to send me somewhere else. I said " you can do it right here in your office". I had him leave it on the instrument table so I could see it. He says " EW, why?". I said cause I want to see what it looks like. It was not encapsulated, just a collection of golden yellow fat. He did not remove the whole thing because he said it would leave a sink hole. It has been several years and it has not come back.