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Alright, here's the story: I haven't smoked pot for quite some time until about last wednesday when I took a couple hits - I know it was stupid and am very mad at myself for doing it :angryfire ... Read More

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    [QUOTE=perfer2Banonymous]Alright, here's the story:

    I haven't smoked pot for quite some time until about last wednesday when I took a couple hits - I know it was stupid and am very mad at myself for doing it :angryfire but I did do it so now I'm gonna have to live with it. My problem is I just came across a new job opening I want to apply for. It's a clerk position in a hospital - just filing papers, answering phones, etc. I was wondering if they would give me a drug test for such a position. They did ask if I was willing to take a drug test if asked and I marked yes. I haven't even been called into an interview, and I know no one can really tell me how long the THC will be in my system, but can anyone give me an educated guess? There's all these websites guaranting quick fixes for money and giving false information, so I thought I might try out some educated people for a more accurate answer. Thanks.

    A freind of mine had this problem, water by itself does absolutely nothing.
    You should take at least 2 caps of vinegar per 8ounces of water, and watch it if you have thin blood, cause vinegar can thin it more. also try gmc for more help, she did and it worked overnight. Her test showed neg.
    And once your clean, never ever smoke pot again because you never know what great things are behind closed doors. and just as you give in that door may open your way. Good Luck!
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    yeah, nursing would be great and all but also has downfalls. Dont want to see people suffering with the conventional treatments that just make them worse. Would not want to be part of the Western Medicine administration anyhow. Lifes ****** as it is.
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    Quote from Agnus
    30 days.

    However if you run across a place that does hair testing shave your head because even if the last hit was last year it will still be there. Hair does not give it up it stays in it forever. Unless you cut off that part of the hair where it exist.

    In hair they can tell not only you are a user but how long ago by where it show up in the hair.

    Wether it is a safe substance or not is beside the point here. Some feel it is "not as bad as" certain other even legal substances. Anyone testing you does not care about this. If you are positive you are positive.
    Don't shave your head for Pete's sake! I mean really!! Talk about a dead giveaway... "Ummm, I'm here for my drug test... what??? I need hair???? oops, sorry!" If in a years time you run across a potential employer who requires a hair sample be honest and tell them, yes I DID smoke pot. Ask if there is another form of drug testing you may submit to to prove you haven't used more recently.
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    I'm glad to hear all of this from everyone. With the pain I have been having recently, I have taken a percocet of Bry's once in a while. It doesn't matter now, but I will remember not to do it when I get out of school. They do random drug testing at his work but since he has a script, he's okay. I certainly wouldn't be.
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    If you go to an herbal store, there is a tea you can get,don't know the name. They keep it behind the counter but it is specifically for marijuana. You mix up like 2 quarts of it, and it is very specific in when you drink it, and how much at each time before your test. It supposedly works.

    Also a tidbit, if you take ephedra diet pills, you will turn up positive for methamphetamines.
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    any and all information you could ever need is right here.....