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Just for fun and to lighten things up a bit what would evryones dream job in nursing be?If you could work anywhere and under what circumstance would you be happiest?Personally mine would be somewhere... Read More

  1. by   Kris10lnC
    My dream job: to have time to use the bathroom, 8 hours a day instead of 10 ( charting etc,) respect ( just a litle) and a paycheck bigger than my friend who works at Mc Donalds.
  2. by   Mijourney
    Hi. I could get satisfaction out of a job where ill or injured people were not so demanding and would accept much of the responsibility and accountability for the predicament they find themselves in.

    Secondly, I could get satisfaction out of having a job in which I could easily balance my personal business with my work without having to be consumed with working or preparing for work 3/4 or more of the day.

    Thirdly, I could get satisfaction out of working a job where I'm not doing excessive paperwork just to justify someone else's job. Do all of us really need a bunch of rules and regulations to take care of our patients fairly?

    Finally, I could get satisfaction out of working a job where I know my wage or salary kept ahead of the cost of living.