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:( Okay, I am sitting here reading posts. I leave to go to work in fifteen minutes. The phone rings. Gee, it's the staffing coordinator. She wants to know if I will stay until 11pm on... Read More

  1. by   delirium
    You know, I'm not a nurse yet. One of the reasons I've decided NOT to work at the hospital I'm working as a unit secretary at is because of the endless calls to come in.
    In fact, at a hospital I did clinicals at, several of the nurses live near me and don't work there for the same reason.
    Ok, so I'm a full time student, they know my school schedule and when I have class and STILL they leave six messages asking me to work.
    Or, even better---I'm on VACATION and they call and ask me to come in and work, they are in an acute staffing crisis---
    Funny how an 'acute staffing crisis' can last for 4 years.
    My supervisor once called me to ask me to work while I was on vacation. Mind you, she called me at 8am, on a day I was getting paid vacation time, and asks me if I can be there in an hour. I ask her if I'll be getting paid double, both vac time AND worked hours. She say "why of course not, why would I do that?"



    (like if I can get paid the same to stay home or bust my azz all day without even a lunch break, which am I gonna choose???)

  3. by   caliotter3
    acmoro: Luv your answer. Excellent thinking processes have you, as Yoda would say!
  4. by   coolh2o
    I have been on both sides of the fence. I worked at one job that would interrogate you as "why" you couldn't come in. I am now a night supervisor and I stress when I am short for the morning. I try not to call the regulars I know might come until about 5:45 am. There are some I don't call. Problem is, then the a.m. staff comes in and harasses me asking me "did you call anyone?" it is truly stressful.