Does your hospital have an RN "uniform"? - page 2

Hi everyone- I just learned that a local hospital went to a uniform for their RNs and that another one is planning that change in the future. So I wanted a current status from everyone: does your... Read More

  1. by   LeahJet

    all white. all the time.
  2. by   nrsang97
    I work in a large teaching hospital in Detroit and the uniforms are as follows
    RN: ceil blue can wear a print top or jacket but it must have ceil blue on it. Most just wear plain ceil blue.

    Nurse Extern: White (all white) Why I have no idea other than maybe they are students

    Aides or as we call them care partners: Burgandy or wine whatever you want to call it

    RT: hunter green

    ER RN: Navy blue

    PT/OT Navy blue I am not sure why they don't have a different color since they wear the same as the ER RN

    Unit clerk: black pants and white shirt.

    House keeping: purple

    All other departmenmts wear what ever.